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7 delicious, trendy, and gorgeous places to eat in The Hague

Looking for a great place to eat in The Hague? Searching for that trendy place in the Hofstad? The political capital of the Netherlands has a buzzing culinary scene, with great options for everything from breakfast to cocktails.

So without further ado, let’s get started with our 7 tips for a good meal (and more) in The Hague. Normally these articles just have numbering to make it easy for people to brag about it on Facebook. But this time, the first entry is also, kind of, the best one.

1. Restaurant ñ: Spanish nights with amazing food

Just a few streets from the ‘Grote Markt’ and the ‘Grote Kerk’, in the centre of The Hague, you can find this utterly atmospheric, and culinarily amazing, Restaurant ñ.

I’m still not sure how to pronounce it (I think it’s ‘nj’), but I do know that this Spanish-themed hidden gem in The Hague serves some amazing food, for some very democratic prices.

It’s serving southern European summer vacation! Image: DutchReview

The atmosphere on the terrace gave a romantic, vacation-like feel, with the fairy lights and greenery.

But the atmosphere wasn’t the only thing impressing us this late summer evening. This place boasts an amazing tapas-like menu, which also changes quite often, and all of the entries (I think we had the whole menu for *ahem* ‘review-purposes’) were sensational.

Arguably the best summer vegetable there is. Image: DutchReview

What else can I say? The wines were very nicely paired with the dishes, and the dishes themselves were very nicely priced (between €6 and €13, an absolute steal).

The night was simply perfect, thanks to the young and talented chef Thomas Vandenhecke who’s doing some amazing work there.

That young blond chef in the middle of the pic, Thomas Van Den Hecke, brought us the magic. Image: DutchReview

Nobelstraat 22, 2513 BD Den Haag
Website | Instagram 

2. Osteria Vincenzo’s: an Italian dream

First of all: they use cognac to flambee tagliatelle with truffle, in a block of giant parmesan cheese. That’s really all you need to know.

Located in the trendy and warm district of Zeeheldenkwartier, you’ll find this pearl of an Italian restaurant – Osteria Vincenzo’s. 

Vincenzo’s has a lovely inviting entrance. Image: DutchReview

Now, I’m always a bit sceptical of Italian restaurants in the Netherlands, after my own ex-pat time in Italy. But I heard Vincenzo’s was good, even great, and did things differently. So off we went, on this magical pasta train!

Vincenzo’s started us off with Oysters and Carpaccio. Never a bad start, of course. But what stood out was their original take on both classic entrees.

The carpaccio was accompanied by nuts, and all the oysters had different flavours added to them. Enough to make anyone smile, really.

Not onboard the pasta train yet… Image: DutchReview

Next up was the showpiece of Vincenzo’s; their Pappardelle al Parmigiano, with black winter truffle. The large Parmigiano is roasted at the top, causing the cheese to melt, before the fresh pasta is stirred in the cheese itself.

Now THAT’S what we call cheese! Image: DutchReview

After the fresh truffle was added, it tasted just as epic as you would expect. But rest assured, you can order half portions too, in case you want to be able to try more of the pasta on the menu.

Epic, affordable pasta. An Italian restaurant that does things differently. Together with that epic Tagliatelle dish, these are the memories that will bring me back to Osteria Vincenzo’s one day.

Tasmanstraat 129,
2518 VL Den Haag
Website | Instagram

3. Botanica: for the love of veggies

Botanica is located in the newly renovated Voco hotel, but it is far more than a hotel restaurant. The sleek interior creates a delicate, yet down-to-earth atmosphere — with a menu that matches this vibe perfectly. 

It’s giving classy and hippie at the same time. Image: DutchReview

Centered around Dutch cuisine, Botanica is a great spot for those seeking an authenic, Dutch food experience, without having to eat 9 different varieties of fried snack-bar bites. 

But what makes Botanica extra unique, is its twist on the traditional: at least 80% of all its dishes consist of vegetables, and all vegetables are seasonal. Needless to say, it’s a vegetarian’s dream!

A lovely summer salad for the vegetarian, and fresh mackerel for the meat-eater. Image: DutchReview

We started the 5-course evening with a delicate summer salad and fresh grilled macarel, before continuing with a robust beetroot dish, and lovely fowl.

All courses were paired wonderfully with unique wines from all accross the world, giving the Dutch food experience a suitable hint of international influences. 

Who would’ve thought pumpkin could be this nice in a dessert? Image: DutchReview

The frozen yoghurt with pumpkin and madarin sauce was a perfect ending to what can only be described as a love letter to Dutch cuisine — and vegetables!

Kneuterdijk 8, 2514 EN Den Haag
Website | Instagram

4. STAN: late-night dinner and drinks

STAN has become a household name across the Netherlands, and the Amsterdam branch recently opened its doors in Buitenhof, The Hague. 

This place somehow makes a neon sign feel warm and cosy. Image: DutchReview

The trendy, all-day casual dining concept is a place for daytime chilling, having a good meal in the evening and continuing to dance the night away.

Their menu has a nice and trendy set-up of fusion-like dishes, following all the latest culinary trends (as you’d expect).

We started off with some delicate appetizers on a wooden platter, matched with some extra gyoza. Apart from the surprisingly tasty gyoza, a highlight from the board was the smoked Duck breast.

Yepp, I did have them all :). Image: DutchReview

Moving on to the main, STAN is working with the famed Josper grill. They’ve got a bunch of amazing meaty options, and when you go for the chef’s special, you can taste them all. You know how this goes by now…

Dessert also wasn’t too shabby. And throughout the night, STAN surprised us with tasty food from across the globe, for decent prices with a dynamic yet intimate atmosphere.

Buitenhof 5, 2513 AG Den Haag

PS. It was a dark night, with atmospheric lighting, and of course, the battery on the DSLR gave up instantly. So, sorry for using these phone pics, food looked better in real life!

5. Hotel Des Indes: the grandest food experience

Hotel Des Indes might just be the grandest hotel in the Netherlands, and it’s certainly the most exclusive entry in this article. If you ever want to treat your loved one to something special in The Hague, this is your go-to spot.

You won’t be surprised that this is a hotspot for the diplomatic community and has seen quite its share of heads of state visiting. The service is almost un-Dutch as well, and I mean that in a positive way – very hospitable and polite.

It’s no less impressive from the inside! Image: DutchReview

It’s fancy for sure, but Des Indes also has affordable arrangements for lunch, dinner and high-tea. We sat down for a sumptuous lunch.

What can I say? There were gratinated oysters, steak with foie gras and truffle, amuses which did more than amuse me, wine-pairing and delicious sweet treats at the end of it all.

Who else is getting hungry just from looking at these pics? Image: DutchReview

I was aiming to get some work done after, but the feeling from this lunch (and admittedly, the wine) was just too good to waste on work.

Truly for a special occasion, and especially if you’re living in the Hague, something you should at least do once in life.

Lange Voorhout 54-56, 2514 EG Den Haag


Lunch, dinner, cocktails, or loads of art — Gallery 61 in the centre of The Hague has a lot to offer, and surprises everywhere.

First of all, they invested a lot in the artwork on their walls – you can easily spend 15 minutes just checking out the art, while waiting for your starter to arrive.

Art! Everywhere! Image: DutchReview

You can also get tricked by this magic chair painting:

An optical illusion Escher would be impressed by. Image: DutchReview

The menu also surprises, with all kinds of fancy versions of the street food you know and love. The hot dog is especially worthy of a shout-out, but the burger was also a great way to go. I still have plans to return, and try their ‘cheeky pork’  or ‘what the duck’.

It’s any grown-up’s dream to be allowed to eat street food in a fancy restaurant, isn’t it? Image: DutchReview

As you can see, the dishes are original and colourful. The cocktails (whisky sour!) were all done just like they should be, the music – cutlery and that boatload of art on the walls all came together in a well-thought-out concept.

Passage 61, 2511 AC Den Haag
Website | Instagram 

7. Haley’s comet breakfast club: for throwback Thursdays

Haley’s Comet Breakfast club is a lot more than an all-day breakfast place, and quite the 80s experience. As soon as you walk in, you can’t help but feel the retro atmosphere and notice all the old-school objects in the room.

Even from the outside, we’re sent right back to the 80s! Image: DutchReview

Aside from having an amazing theme, Haley’s Comet Breakfastclub also has a very interesting, and distinctly homey, menu.

We tried the lovely soft scramble eggs in a brioche bun and the breakfast muffin (all home-baked!).

We also had a Nesquik hot chocolate (the nostalgia hit us hard) and their special brewed coffee (which they also sell in packs, in case you absolutely fall in love with it).

So simple, yet so perfect. Image: DutchReview

The place also has an open bar and kitchen, so you can see everything happening right in front of you, just like home!

In order to ensure that people see her breakfast club as a second home, Britt organizes events (like board game nights and pajama parties) every month.

So, if you’re new to The Hague and in need of a fun community, you can always feel welcome at Haley’s Comet Breakfast club.

Piet Heinstraat 133, 2518 CG Den Haag
Website Instagram

So there you have it! These are some of the best places to eat in The Hague in 2022. Have you been to any of these amazing restaurants? Let us know in the comments below!

Editor’s Note: This article was published in February 2020, but was updated with more yummy spots in September 2022. 

Feature Image:DutchReview
Veronika Licheva
Veronika Licheva
Living the short girl life in the land of giants. Veronika is a content creator who takes great interest in video, photography, and journalism. Her mission in The Netherlands is to build a vibrant and exciting career, while simultaneously petting as many dogs as possible.

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