The ultimate guide to the best swimming pools in the Netherlands

Swimming pools in the Netherlands: preparing for the summer

The sun is beating down your neck, and you don’t have a care in the world at that moment because you’re basking under the summer sun, soaking up on all the Vitamin D it can spare. It’s hot, but it is okay because you’re underwater, and the sun doesn’t bother you anyway (I sincerely hope you got the reference: if not, ask the nearest Disney fan). How about going to some swimming pools in the Netherlands?

Summer’s around the corner and we know how everyone is looking forward to it! Well, for the most part. We experienced heatwaves for the last couple of years, and it may very well happen again this year. One way to beat it is by (drumroll) enjoying a swim! Do you know everything about how to get swimming lessons as an adult, for your kids, or how it is structured? We have a fun guide for you right on our website!

We’ve made a list of all the places you can go to whether you need a respite from the heat, just a weekend getaway, awakening the history nerd in you (seriously, wait for it), or if you want to work on your fitness! This list has it all!

Note: with the coronavirus outbreak in mind, swimming pools opened on May 1. Nevertheless, social distancing measures need to be respected, such as the 1.5-metre distance. Take into account overcrowding when going to a swimming pool.

Let’s dive into it, shall we?

Swimming pools in the Netherlands: Swimming pools in Rotterdam

Outdoor swimming pools in Rotterdam

Badhotel Rockanje & Brasserie Lodgers

Only 400m from the sea, and nestled right in between the forest and dunes, this lodge is just a few miles away from Maasvlakte, Europoort and Rotterdam. It is perfect for a weekend getaway to escape the loud city traffic and enjoy some time in nature. You can spend the day at the beach, building those sandcastles and collecting all that sand, or you can stay at the lodge and enjoy their outdoor swimming pool! Best of both worlds, don’t you think?

They also have a large terrace where you can lounge to take in the nature sounds and a private sauna. Do you know everything you need to know about going to a sauna? We have the perfect article for you!

Website | Route | Prices

SS Rotterdam’s Lido Terrace

If you have lived in Rotterdam, or have used the trams to go towards the south of the city, you would’ve heard the announcement to get off at Wilhelminaplein to go to the SS Rotterdam. This is another Rijksmonument (we knew all you history nerds would’ve stuck around ;)), having been a fully functioning cruise ship from 1959 to 2000. Her journey started off as the flagship of the Holland America line. She was then briefly called the SS Rembrandt when she was sold to a cruise line company but was bought over by an investment group in the Netherlands when that company shut down.

She was restored to what she is today – a place to experience the ship while staying in one of their carefully decorated rooms onboard, or to see the skyline of Rotterdam from the restaurant Lido’s Terrace. They have an outdoor swimming pool which overlooks the Maas, where you can experience breathtaking views of the sunset while enjoying a swim through their pool. Their restaurant, of course, offers an outdoor seating area as well. This isn’t a place for you to exhaust your lungs, but a place to fill them up with some fresh seas air!

swimming pools in the netherlands
Swimming pools in the Netherlands: Good ol’ SS Rotterdam. Image: ellen1965_ (Instagram)

Website | Route

Indoor swimming pools in Rotterdam

Oostelijk Zwembad

This one is for the true swimming enthusiasts! It made it onto our guide for the best swimming pools in the Netherlands for a reason.

Like the name says (oost = east), it is in the east of the centre of Rotterdam. It was founded in 1932, making it the oldest swimming pool in the city! Its architecture mirrors a nostalgic atmosphere, but you still have the pleasure of enjoying their modern facilities.

swimming pools in the netherlands
Swimming pools in the Netherlands: Do you see that mix of nostalgia and modernity? Image: @rustig_leven (Instagram)

Like I said, it’s for true swimming enthusiasts so if you’re looking to learn to swim or practice your more advanced brush strokes, head on over to this place! They offer lessons for children, seniors, and various other water sports!

swimming pools in the netherlands
Swimming pools in the Netherlands. Image: @djacklittel (Instagram)

If you only want to take your kids for their swimming classes but also want to relax, they have a coffee corner you can use while your little one is in class.

Website | Route | Prices

Other swimming pools in Rotterdam

Oostelijk Zwembad needed a special mention, but there are more options you could try out for indoor swimming pools that offer you lessons, and a place for the children to get comfortable in the water.

Van Manenbad: Also called the Sportsfonden Rotterdam, they even have an outdoor swimming pool that you can enjoy during the spring and summer months. They also have workshops and fun activities planned for different occasions.
Recreatiecentrum Oostervant: a neighbourhood favourite, because they have everything in one place! A bowling alley, a gym, a dancehall, and a sports hall for the basketball players, lovers of football, or even badminton. They also offer lessons for children, the elderly, water aerobics, and more.
Sportbedrijf Rotterdam: an establishment whose goal is to get Rotterdammers working out! They have different locations around the city, with their sport centres having indoor or outdoor swimming pools, gyms, and just about anything else to get you fit! Check out their website for the nearest one.
Optisport Health Club Rotterdam Alexander: a place where you and your little one can get swimming lessons together, a new concept they are exploring. They have a bar, and a gym so if you want to kick back and undo some of the fitness you’ve worked on or if you want to be more rigorous about it, this is the place to go.

Swimming pools in the Netherlands: Swimming pools in Amsterdam

Outdoor swimming pools in Amsterdam

W Amsterdam

W Amsterdam is a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of the capital. Their pool is not only for a refreshing swim, but to also take in the sights of the city. It is just a 4-minute walk from Dam square and is guaranteed to give you a hotel experience worthy of the splurge (for some of us anyway). They even have a spa you can go to unwind those muscles, an indoor pool if the weather is not cooperating, and a rooftop lounge you can look over the city from!

swimming pools in the netherlands
Swimming pools in the Netherlands: Did not know Amsterdam could look so good! Image: @eioninnyc (Instagram)

If you have some serious money to splurge, and if you want to experience that breathtaking view of Amsterdam from their pool, this should definitely be on your list! Who wouldn’t want to experience Amsterdam this way?


Zwembad de Houtvaart

Are you passing by Haarlem, or you live close by and looking for a good reason to visit the town? It is not too far from Amsterdam (which is why it is mentioned here). Why not go to one of the heritage sites of the country (Rijksmonument), and take a dip in Haarlem’s only heated outdoor swimming pool? History nerds, this one is for you!

This was founded in 1927 and was meant for everybody from different backgrounds to come together to enjoy. The pool is heated using solar panels, so you can take a dip there in the morning while enjoying the sounds of tweeting birds (not on twitter).

You have to become a “friend” of the association taking care of the building, but it is only 3.50 euros a year for adults and 2 euros for kids up to the age of 15. All of your membership costs go towards maintaining this building.

Check out this 3D animation of the building and pool!

Having been built in another era, you will be able to see how it was constructed so that men and women swam separately. They had their separate entrances and everything! This restriction was changed in the mid-sixties and hasn’t looked back since. It is a perfectly symmetrical pool, with architecture which reflects the prewar era. It is reminiscent of cubist styles, as seen at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. But this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this establishment’s history. Check out their website to know more!

Website | Route | Prices

Indoor swimming pools in Amsterdam


Did you know that the Netherlands is home to the most beautiful swimming pool in the world? Yes, a swimming pool can be called beautiful, and I was shocked too! You wouldn’t think of describing a hole in the ground filled with water with that adjective, but it is apparently true. According to Piscine Global in Lyon, France, Noorderparkbad in Amsterdam has a lot to offer its visitors not just in terms of fitness, but also architectural prowess. It has wide, airy rooms which are so inviting for everyone. It has a roof which collects rainwater, because the Netherlands has so much to spare, which is then stored, purified and reused for the pool.

swimming pools in the netherlands
Swimming pools in the Netherlands: You can hide behind the sun here! Image: @randyfokke (Instagram)

But that’s not even half of it! This magnificent piece of architecture does not have only one indoor pool but two of 25m each and a water slide! They even have offices, restaurants and staff rooms making it a true multidimensional space. Last but not least – they have a 25m outdoor pool, a sunbathing lawn, and a shallow pool for the little ones! Does it get any better than this?

Don’t believe me? Check this video out!

Website | Route | Prices

Other swimming pools in Amsterdam

Zuiderbad: they have a whirlpool, steaming baths, and tanning salons at the location. They provide lessons for kids, toddlers, and adult swimming lessons. They also have family lessons, so you and your child can learn swimming together.
De Mirandabad: this place provides lessons for pregnant women, aqua sports, and more! If you’re looking to hone your swimming skills, they have lessons with a private trainer specifically for the more experienced of the swimmers.
SwimGym: founded by the Dutch Olympic medal winner Johan Kenkhuis, go to this place if you want to train under professional supervision, and become a better competitive swimmer or triathlete.
Brediusbad Outdoor Pool: another outdoor pool there for your enjoyment this spring and summer! But remember, it is a non-smoking pool, so be sure to put those cigarettes out before.
Sportfondsenbad Amsterdam-Oost: A place to enjoy, relax, or even train – they have Turkish steam baths, jacuzzi, and other recreational activities. According to their website, they are the oldest swimming pool in the Netherlands, where they will be turning 90 years old in June!
Sportplaza Mercator: they offer similar things to the others listed here, but they also have special programs for people with disabilities or injuries.

Swimming pools in the Netherlands: Swimming pools in Utrecht

Zwembad de Krommerijn

Zwembad de Krommerijn is in Utrecht, and welcomes anyone looking to improve their fitness regime. This one is a very aesthetically pleasing swimming pool, but it is for more serious swimmers who are looking to work on their swimming techniques or fitness. They mean serious business, so they don’t have slides, toys or anything of that sort. It is a 50m long pool, which has a roof which can be left open during the summer months. The best part is that they have a website in English, so you can understand everything about how their schedules change according to the season, the different activities they offer, and their prices.

swimming pools in the netherlands
Swimming pools in the Netherlands: Indoor pool or outdoor pool? How about both! Image: @joeptigchelaar (Instagram)

Website | Route | Prices 

Zwembad De Kwakel

A spacious swimming pool where you can practice your swimming skills, and play aqua sports, this place in Utrecht is ideal but only if you’re over 18 years old. But if you have any disabilities or any medical complaints, this place offers a form of therapeutic swimming lessons for you. It’s called Aqua Bodycare, and is available for anyone older than 21 years old.

They also offer Aqua Challenge, a complete muscle workout; Aqua Pilates, to improve your back and abdominal muscles; Aquarobics to enjoy with nice music in the background, and even warm water swimming pools.

You should also know that they have something called a mermaid swimming lesson where your Disney obsessed kid can even learn how to swim like Aerial or Poseidon! Pretty cool, right?

Website | Route | Prices

Zwemschool Midden Utrecht

This is a swimming school that provides lessons for kids, where you can sign them up when they’re as young as 4 and a half years old! You can sign up for an introductory course, and see how they enjoy it and then make a longer commitment if they love it. Swimming is an essential skill to have for anybody, so why not start young?

Website | Route | Prices

Other swimming pools in Utrecht

Zwembad Den Hommel: this one is open 7 days a week, where their schedule shows you their activities, their opening timings on normal days and on public holidays and weekends.
Zwembad Fletiomare: you can sign up for one day or buy a card that covers almost 25+ lessons! This flexibility lets you see if this is the right fit for you and your child.

Swimming pools in the Netherlands: Swimming pools in Tilburg

Openluchtbad Staalbergven

Nestled right in between the Oisterwijk forests, with the trees and beautiful nature surrounding, this swimming pool is perfect for that lazy Sunday when you just want to kick back and relax with your family. It reopens for the summer on 20th April, when the sun will (hopefully) be out, and you can take a road trip to the small municipality of Oisterwijk.

swimming pools in the netherlands
Swimming pools in the Netherlands: Looks so serene, doesn’t it? Image: @aukjeleermakers (Instagram)

Or are you looking to work on your swimming techniques? They even have a pool especially for the more serious swimmers, which is 50m long, 1.10 – 3.80m deep, with five lanes. They also have a one-metre long diving board for you to jump into the pool.

You can either get a day pass or buy a subscription for the whole year! Or you can even buy a family pass annually, and use it whenever you visit this amazing outdoor swimming pool. You can find more information on their website about the parking facilities, the prices for subscriptions and more!


Recreatiebad Stappegoor

A place you can truly enjoy with the whole family! They have aqua sports, slides, mermaid swimming, swimming lessons for everyone from the age of 4 to 50+, and even an outdoor swimming pool! So when the sun is out, you should be out as well, and enjoy a Saturday or Sunday when everybody wants to celebrate the week that has passed by or prepare for the week to come!

Website | Route | Prices

Sportcomplex Driebrucht

This innovative sports center is a lot of things in one – swim like a pro in their lanes, slide into the pool to get that speed going, enjoy their therapy pool with warmer waters, check out their whirlpool or steam cabins to wind down! They also have a cafe at the location where you can enjoy a snack or drink after your workout. Trying hard to juggle your kids, and your work out? Don’t worry! They have a daycare center too.

Website | Route | Prices

Other swimming pools in Tilburg

Wait, these are not the only ones there is to go to!

Reeshof Zwembad: a perfect place for the kids because they expanded the toddler and kids swimming pool to add a water fountain. They added a tropical theme to it with different decorations to make the child feel like they are in another world. But that’s not all, they have something for everyone! Check out their website.
Club Pellikan: their swimming lessons are specially designed for children where they teach them how they can save themselves in case of an emergency. They also have a fitness center, and a cafe where you can spend time while your child learns essential skills in a safe and fun environment.

Swimming pools in the Netherlands: Swimming pools in the Hague

Before we start with this list, you should know that the municipality of the Hague introduced a swimming pass for anyone above the age of 14 after they have visited one of the municipality’s swimming pools. They currently have 7 pools under their umbrella, all of which offer different facilities. With this pass, you can have entry into any of them, depending on the subscription you picked. Remember, you can’t go to these pools without your pass, so make sure to buy one online or carry a valid ID to buy one at the desk.

The rates for each of these pools are the same, and you can check it out at their website! They also have an English version, so it’s easy to get the information you need. Additionally, the websites for each of these pools have a virtual tour where you can see how they look and explore if this is the place for you. The swimming pools are:

Zuiderpark Zwembad: They have a water slide, a Turkish steam bath, and even a wild water creek!
Het Hofbad Zwembad: this one is not all fun and games. It has facilities for kids, but also the more serious swimmers amongst us.
Overbosch Zwembad: they have different pools for different activities like the recreational pool with extra heating, and a competition pool.
De Blinkerd Zwembad: this is a 25m long pool which is perfect for you to practice your swimming skills and techniques.
De Waterthor Zwembad: they have three different pools, one of which is Olympic sized!
De Houtzagerij Zwembad: right in the centre of the city, they offer lessons for all age groups, where they have extra heating on the weekends.
Escamphof Therapeutic Pool: anybody who has medical and physical disabilities can go here where they can get support from experts. They specifically are designed for children or adults with one or more disabilities.

Has this article made you feel thirsty for summer yet? I sure am! Did we miss out on any swimming pools in the Netherlands? Let us know in the comments! 

Feature Image: m IB/PublicDomainPictures

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on April 2019 and has been updated in June 2020 for your reading pleasure.

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Kavana Desai
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  1. I find it strange that, given the generally mild weather in the Netherlands, there are no outdoor pools in The Hague. The are available in the UK, for example, and I know of heated ones in Helsinki and the Washington DC area that are open all year.

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