Eurostar pledges to plant a tree for every train journey it makes

The direct Eurostar train from Amsterdam to London is launching next year. By getting rid of the transfer in Belgium, you’ll arrive in the English capital in a mere three hours and 45 minutes. If that’s not enough to tempt you, then perhaps you’ll be convinced by learning that the train carrier has announced it will plant one tree for every train journey it makes.

One tree for every journey?

On Eurostar’s 25th anniversary, it has decided to strengthen its environmental commitments by planting one tree for each journey it makes. The train which that serves London, Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam makes around 50 journeys per day.

It means there will be around 20,000 new trees planted annually from this initiative that will be planted in the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Mike Cooper, Eurostar’s chief executive, said “With our environmental ambitions and our tree planting programme we are providing an attractive, eco-friendly alternative to the airlines”, the Independent reports. 

Source: lefteye81/Pixabay

Plastic-free Eurostar journey

Eurostar has also decided to get rid of single use plastic and introduce a plastic-free train on the London to Paris route.

Instead of plastic, this train journey will boast wooden cutlery, glass bottles and paper-based coffee cups instead.


Per person, train travel emits just one-tenth of the carbon emissions in comparison to flights.

Mike Cooper said “We have always had a strong sense of responsibility for the environment but as the demand for sustainable travel becomes increasingly critical, we believe we can raise the bar. With our environmental ambitions and our tree planting programme we are providing an attractive, eco-friendly alternative to the airlines”, the Independent reports.

eurostar plastic free
Source: Hans/Pixabay

The UK-Netherlands Eurostar journey

Cooper believes that with initiatives such as this, many more people will choose train travel over planes. He pointed out that the Eurostar market share for the London to Amsterdam route will likely increase far beyond the 10% it currently holds but progress has been slow in finalising all the procedures for an Amsterdam to London Eurostar route.

“We’re confident that it’s coming,” Cooper said “We just can’t promise a specific date in terms of when it will arrive.”

Since its launch in 1994, more than 200 million people have travelled by Eurostar to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Do you prefer travelling by trains or planes? Have you ever caught the Eurostar? Check out this guide to taking the Eurostar for more information. 

Freya Sawbridge
Freya Sawbridge
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