These photos of our hometown Leiden will be, hands-down, the prettiest thing you stumble upon today

Since DutchReview is located in Leiden, it’s not a coincidence that our feed on insta is filled with top shots of our hometown. But recently, a couple of pictures really stood out. Long story short, we teamed up with Martijn van der Nat, who has taken some incredible photos of Leiden and we at DutchReview think these photos are a sight for sore eyes (especially during this cold, windy weather!)

Leiden is also sometimes called ‘Little Amsterdam,’ you can see why in some of Martijn’s canal pictures. If you’re after more of these kinds of pretty pics, then make sure to visit  Martijn’s Instagram as well for more delightful pics.

Let’s not stall any longer, Martijn was kind enough to add on his own captions over his snaps. Let’s first check out these sunrise portraits.

This sunrise over #Leiden was excellent; the sky was lit up by beautiful stormclouds and every time you looked up it was different. I could not help myself and took some images on my way over to work.
(c)2018 all rights reserved
One of my recent discoveries; the beautiful Herengracht in #Leiden the Netherlands. Looking especially spectacular under excellent conditions…
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(c)2018 all rights reserved
An explosive sunrise over the beautiful city of Leiden, the Netherlands.
(c)2018 all rights reserved.
Battered, weathered, defied man, nature, time, wars and persevered. Still going strong.
(c)2018 all rights reserved
This is the spot in the center of Leiden where the Old and the New Rhine join and flow together again. It is an excellent view of the historic buildings, and it is the buzzing heart of the canals and cafe’s that make the city of Leiden such a great place to be.
(c)2017-today all rights reserved.

One of the traditions of the city are these bridges that are decorated with flowers in the Spring. One of the best ideas the municipality had! *swoon*

Alkemadebridge – Leiden, by Martijn van der Nat
Don’t you just love the light of autumn playing with the clouds on a nice sunny day somewhere in October 2016
(c)2016 all rights reserved
Leiden, City in Bloom –
Cycling through Leiden in the early morning to my work I came across this view I just had to pull over and shoot this. How beautiful can a city be?
c 2016 all rights reserved
Molen de Valk in Springtime
Had planned something completely different but hey what can I say! Springtime is here!!!
(c)2017 all rights reserved

Can summer come any faster? Boat rides in Leiden’s canals should be on your summer to-do list.

Can’t you just picture sitting here with an ice cream cone?
That clear sunny blue sky is something to look forward to!

And it’s not only pretty in springtime here:

Het Rapenburg – Martijn van der Nat
Literally, seconds after I took this shot the streetlights turned off, and the whole scene got a completely different vibe… I liked this one better… how about you?
(c)2016 all rights reserved
View upon Leiden
A view from the medieval stronghold the Burcht in the City of Leiden.
(c) 2016 martijnvandernat all rights reserved
This is so me lately, just cannot stop taking pictures of my lovely town Leiden, wether its on my cellphone or dslr… sometimes even at the same time like here…
tell me what you think? doe you like? Not? why? would love to hear from you!
Welcome to Leiden by Martijn van der Nat

Modern City
Traffic Rushes along during rush hour at downtown Leiden, the Netherlands
(c)2015-today all rights reserved
A typical dutch sunset over the canals and terasses of Leiden.
Picturesk Leiden
This image to me looks like a painting, its the colors, the subject and the mixture of the warm colors with the cold snow and ice. #Leiden is such a photogenic city! I love the #morspoort city gate and especially under different conditions like this time in late february this year.
(c)2018-today all rights reserved
Het Rapenburg –
Het Leidsche Rapenburg in pasteltinten. genomen op een koude winterse ochtend in Februari. In de verte torent het oude universiteitsgebouw.
The Leyden Rapenburg in pastel shades. taken on a cold winter morning in February. In the distance stands the old university building.
This mornings pre sunrise in the inner harbor of the beautiful city of Leiden, the Netherlands
The Perseverance of Lady Fortune by
1/4 sec, f6,3 ISO 200, 17 mm taken off one of the bollards



That’s it for your daily dose of pretty pics for now, but if you want more Leiden then we’ve got you covered. And if you’re thinking that the town looks like a classic painting; read up on how Rembrandt was born and raised in Leiden.

If you loved these pictures, make sure to check out plenty more of Leiden and other landscape photographs on Martijn’s site pageFacebook and Instagram.

Let us know in the comments below which ones were your favorite and why?



  1. All are mind blowing, especially the one with the old tree with the sun rays going through

    Feels like a tree from a fantasy world!

  2. My favorite is the one titled Pictures, of the Moorsport city gate. Why? Because I rode my bike over that bridge and past the windmill twice a day last June, when teaching for 3 weeks at Webster University. I live in America and could have written this in Dutch, but it’s an English website after all. Mooie fotos allemaal!

  3. I LOVE Leiden! The history, architecture, coffee, museums, public transportation, restaurants, and most of all the people are a source of delight.

  4. I consider The Netherlands my second home, yet I have never been to Leyden. It is on my list for my next visit. Thank you for these wonderful pictures.

  5. We woonden er 35 jaar en al zijn er 1000 legale redenen waarom dat nu niet meer zo is, (allemaal even doorslaggevend) mis ik Leiden nog alle dagen. Dank voor deze prachtige, liefdevolle foto’s!

  6. We lived in Haarlemmerstraat for a year and all of these images bring back very special memories. Leiden was a wonderful place to live.


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