The RIVM has published the latest count of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands for today: there are 86 new deaths, bringing the total to 2823. There are 147 new hospitalisations. And an additional 964 cases of coronavirus were registered, leaving us with a confirmed total of 26.551. 

As always, we should say that these figures may not be wholly accurate. There is often a delay in reporting deaths and hospitalisations at individual hospitals. By Tuesday each week, the totals for the week before for these numbers are accurate. Furthermore, the Netherlands is not testing members of the public with mild symptoms, so the total number of coronavirus cases is likely much higher than the reported number. The numbers do show a trend though, hence why we keep reporting on them.

ICU beds

One of the most important figures to pay attention to is the number of people in the ICU. As of yesterday, there were 1358 people in the ICU, well under the reserved capacity of 1900. The number of people needing intensive care had also fallen by 33, compared to the day before.

Dutch companies develop software to diagnose coronavirus via X-ray

Some positive news today, as two Dutch companies, Thirona and Delft Imaging, have developed a software that analyses the damage to someone’s lungs as shown on an X-ray, and uses a 100-point scale to determine whether the patient has coronavirus. This will be especially useful in poorer countries which do not have as much access to laboratory testing as wealthier countries.

Some nice things to read on Easter Monday

This might not be the Easter Monday we were all hoping for a couple of months ago, but it can still be a lovely day. We’re planning to spend it inside, with some chocolate and a few good reads. If you’re looking for some inspiration with regard to some articles, here are our favourites from the last few months (Corona-free, we promise).

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