5 things to look forward to during the Embassy Festival weekend

Oh how we’re looking forward to this weekend! There’s a very special online edition of the Embassy Festival for all of us, filled with cultural delights.

We say this weekend, but the fun will already start this Thursday. Who doesn’t love an extra-long weekend, right?

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The Embassy Festival weekend kicks off with a live pub quiz

Test your cultural knowledge during the Embassy Festival Pub Quiz! Our host Irish Questionmark is ready to fire lots of questions from his home studio to our wonderful community during this two-part special on September 3 and 4! Join in and answer lots of trivia questions about the festival, the participating countries and much more!

Are there any prizes? YES! They’ll be giving away Embassy Festival Surprise Boxes, Recipe Booklets and more! The quiz will be a two-part special, with an hour-long show on Thursday, September 3 at 7 pm and at the same time on Friday 4 September.

The best thing is you can join in for free: GO TO PUB QUIZ (pub quiz will be viewable on Thursday from 6.45pm-ish)

P.S. If you browse through the Embassy Festival website, you might gain some knowledge that will help you during the quiz!

Everyone will receive their Embassy Festival Surprise and Wine Box!

The Embassy Festival 2020 is a little different to previous years — to comply with social distancing rules they’ve launched an incredible food and wine box, instead of a physical festival. They wanted to give our community a sense of the International Market they would normally walk along and offer an opportunity to keep on discovering flavours from all over the world.

At the moment, they’re working tirelessly to pack them all up and get them ready for shipping or pick up. But most of all, they’re incredibly curious to find out what you think! So go ahead and share your unboxing videos and photos with them by using #embassyfestival and by tagging Embassy Festival on Instagram and Facebook. Let’s celebrate the Embassy Festival together!

All of the exclusive content will go online!

You might want to sit down for this one. Because this weekend, with the online Embassy Festival you can (amongst other things): Learn PolishKoreanlearn about Georgian winehow to make Origami, learn Taiji, watch amazing music, learn how to cook dishes from all over the world and even (you’re reading this right) show you how to make Hanji Rubber Shoes. If this isn’t a diverse and cultural way to spend your weekend, we don’t know what is! More than 50 videos will be published from Friday September 4 at 5 pm and we’re so excited to see everything.

In the past few weeks, a few have already been shared, including Irish Dancing at the Hofvijver, an exclusive performance from Lachy Doley all the way from Australia, a cooking tutorial showing you how to make Palestinian Makloubeh and more. This weekend, get ready for some binge-watching, cooking, dancing and singing. We’ve got some blasts from the past in our ‘Memory Lane’ section, which includes brand-new and exclusive videos from artists that have played at the festival before.

We’ve already mentioned Lachy Doley, but it doesn’t stop there. Con BrioPaul Beaubrun and Oslo Fat String Quartet have also joined in and created videos for you. Then there are all the cooking videos for you to dive into (some of those will be a great match with your Recipe Booklet) Want to get creative? There’s lots of that too! In fact, there’s more than we can mention in just a short summary, so head on over to the programme page and set your alarm for Friday at 5 pm!

Read exclusive interviews with ambassadors

In the past few weeks, Embassy Festival has had the delightful opportunity to speak to ambassadors from all over the world and they’ve told so many interesting stories, fun facts and insights about their heritage, culture, traditions and their experiences in the Netherlands. Did you know that there’s an underground wine cellar-heaven in Moldova with a Chardonnay street and Pinot street, for example? Or did you know that there are more saunas than cars in Finland?

We also loved hearing their views and insights about living in the Netherlands. “I was positively surprised to see that the Dutch people cycle even when it’s raining and snowing hard, even with children in the front and back!”, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan said.

You can read the interviews with the ambassadors of PalestinaRepublic of ChileAzerbaijanSouth AfricaRepublic of MoldovaCosta Rica and Finland on the website.

Taste the world with the Recipe Booklet

We love the Embassy Festival’s many dishes published in their Recipe Booklet — it’s crammed full of flavours we never thought possible. Surprise your family, friends and yourself by making a dish you hadn’t heard of or tried before. A few examples, you ask? Pupusas from El Salvador, Samaki Choma from Tanzania, Irish Stew and Sernik from Poland are all featured. And the rest? If you haven’t already, you can still order your Recipe Booklet here. Share any dishes you’ll be making by using #embassyfestival!

Are you indulging in a good bath of culture this weekend at the Embassy Festival? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image: Alina Krasieva


  1. having visited Netherlands twice am real glad that this event Embassy Festival’s will be enjoyed by many of us who love and admire Netherlands.from Kenya I say cheers to the Dutch and may God guide and protect Netherlands.I always value Netherlands as my second home since its people are friendly and the culture up-to date respected.
    long leave Netherlands


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