The best hash in Amsterdam: ultimate high guide for 2024

Amsterdam's hottest hash 💨

Many people choose to smoke weed in the Netherlands — but forget about its great, mellow alternative: hashish. But where exactly can you get the best hash in Amsterdam?

Hashish is not quite as popular in the Netherlands as weed is, but as its THC-infused cousin, it’s definitely worth a try. Milder and more refined as a high, hash is well-suited for daily activities.

Ready to take a ‘trip’ to the capital to learn about the best coffeeshops for hash in Amsterdam? Read on! 

What is hashish?

Hash is made from the cannabis plant, but it’s obtained through a different process than weed.

For weed, you dry out the plant, and take the savoury buds, gleaming with pollen full of THC. 

There are several methods for getting the famous brown block we call hash. The Moroccan method, for example, uses a sieve to sift out the pollen from the dry bulb. 

This process is repeated again and again until the product that emerges at the end can be compressed into the famous hashish block. This means that hash is incredibly potent, especially boasting a high percentage of THC. 

Hash is well suited for being productive (with a bit of extra spice 😉). Image: Depositphotos

As a result, hash will give you a much milder high, and is therefore preferred by people looking to smoke but also engage in some sort of upbeat activity.

But first, a quick reminder: like any substance, hash needs to be consumed responsibly and with care. Be mature about it, consume it in moderation, and have a good trip!

The best coffeeshops and hash in Amsterdam

Now that you know how hash is made, you’re probably wondering where you can snag some of Amsterdam’s best. 

Amsterdam is full of coffeeshops, but it’s important to note that they’re not all of the same quality. Here are my top picks! 👇

🍫 White Choco from Coffeeshop Boerejongens

Amsterdam’s Boerejongens Coffeeshops are among the most popular in the city. Naturally, they serve the most popular hashish strain: the White Choco Block. 🍫

 As the love child of Chocolope and White Russian, this strain has a subtle ring of chocolate. With its subtle mix of sweet and spicy flavours and delicious smell, this bad boy is a definite favourite among customers.

Block of best hash in Amsterdam being cut on a wooden surface with a knife.
Just look at this choco goodness! Image: DutchReview

You can get this strain from the Boerejongens Coffeeshops, three of which are spread throughout Amsterdam. The locations are luxurious, and the staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to help (and very elegantly dressed!). 

The White Choco Block is their well-known bestseller, and I highly recommend you give it a go! 

☘️ Strain: White Choco Block (mostly Sativa)
💨 Type of high: mild, cerebral
📍 Where to get it:
Coffeeshop Boerejongens Sloterdijk, Humberweg 2, 1043 AC Amsterdam

🎂 Fat Kid’s Cake from the Tweede Kamer

Next up, let’s head to the Tweede Kamer. No, silly, not the political one in The Hague (although, you wonder what they are smoking there sometimes) — but the coffeeshop in Amsterdam! 

READ MORE | Visiting a coffeeshop in Amsterdam: etiquette, tips and tricks for first-timers

Coffeeshop Tweede Kamer is not only a great coffeeshop for hashish but also a beautiful venue in a historic building, and one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam for your hash of choice.

Here, you should go for some Fat Kid’s Cake (again: not the one you think 😉).

man holding tray containing hash in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam
This great hashish comes encased in a little box that really makes you feel like you went to the actual Tweede Kamer. Image: DutchReview

This strong hash has an interesting flavour, as it has less of the earthy taste that hashish usually has, and instead has a very fresh flavour and smell. 

Be cautious because this strain is a knockout! Smoke in moderation, and you should reach the sweet spot of your high-ness. 🪁

☘️ Strain: Fat Kid’s Cake Block (mostly Sativa)
💨 Type of high: strong, mental high
📍 Where to get it:
Coffeeshop Tweede Kamer, Heisteeg 6, 1012 WC Amsterdam

🎨 Tbizla from CoffeeshopAmsterdam

Next on the list is one of my favourite coffeeshops in Amsterdam: CoffeeshopAmsterdam. Their Moroccan-bred hashish, Tbizla, is well-suited for all sorts of creative activities. 

It will give you a strong and uplifting high, and if used in moderation, you can enjoy this strain while doing all sorts of things.

box with hash with menu from coffeeshop in Amsterdam
The stash in its goodie box. Image: DutchReview

It has a smooth and earthy taste, akin to other flavours on this list. Prepare to feel green — despite its brown colouring! 😉

You can find this strain at CoffeeshopAmsterdam, conveniently located on the Haarlemmerstraat. This place is also a nice place to hang out and smoke, with great drinks, top staff behind the counter, and killer general vibes.

☘️ Strain: Tbizla (mostly Sativa)
💨 Type of high: medium strength, weed-like
📍 Where to get it:
Coffeeshop Amsterdam, Haarlemmerstraat 44, 1013 ES Amsterdam

🤎 White Choco Static from Coffeeshop Noord

Coffeeshop Noord is a stunning, newly-renovated coffeeshop in one of Amsterdam’s coolest neighbourhoods.

The interior of this place looks just as high-quality as their products. I really like their White Choco Static Block — a wonderful blend of sweet and spicy, while also retaining that delicious, smooth chocolatey taste.

One of the sleekest stores out there. Image: Supplied

Its high will have you feeling relaxed but not tired — making it a perfect strain to smoke during the day, or before you check out some of the cool things to do in Amsterdam Noord.

☘️ Strain: White Choco Static Block (mostly Sativa)
💨 Type of high: relaxing, creative
📍 Where to get it:
Coffeeshop Noord, Ooievaarsweg 10, 1021 GZ Amsterdam

Honourable mentions for best hash in Amsterdam

These may be some of the top places to get hash in Amsterdam, but, of course, the list goes on (and on)! Here are some more of my favourite hash strains in Amsterdam.

Ketama Gold from Coffeeshop Siberië

A short walk away from Amsterdam’s Central Station lies Coffeeshop Siberië.

Of course, a good Dutch coffeeshop is located in a stunning Dutch canal house! Image: DutchReview

Step into the inspiring shop, and enjoy the artwork with a side of some Ketama Gold, and ride an energising high.

☘️ Strain: Ketama Gold

Tidgin from Coffeeshop Sensemilia

Take a voyage to this fabulous shop in Amsterdam Nieuw-West and get some of that Tidgin Hash. It’s affordable and gets you right where you want to be.

The best part? Coffeeshop Sensemilia has a stunning view of the Sloterplas Lake, so you can relax while looking at some of Amsterdam’s best views.

☘️ Strain: Tidgin

Sour Diesel from Eerste Hulp Coffeeshop

The name of this coffeeshop translates to “first aid,” and indeed, Eerste Hulp Coffeeshop is here to help if you’re craving some high-quality hash. 

Good times guaranteed! Image: Depositphotos

Here, I’d recommend the Sour Diesel strain. Some smokers live for this particular strain, and it’s much sought after. Will you give it a go?

☘️ Strain: Sour Diesel

Super Silver Haze from Coffeeshop DNA

In the south of Amsterdam, you’ll find Coffeeshop DNA. This place sells an amazing Super Silver Haze Block, a great hashish strain with a sour, lemony taste. Lekker!

It’s in this coffeeshop’s DNA to serve good hash. 😏 Image: Supplied

Coffeeshop DNA also sells some of the best edibles in Amsterdam and has some great ganja paraphernalia. I love their pistachio-flavoured spacecake, which is not only delicious but can also take you on a wild high.

☘️ Strain: Super Silver Haze Block

Strawberry Banana from Coffeeshop The Stud

Last but certainly not least, Coffeeshop The Stud is a phenomenal place in the east of A’dam. 🍓🍌

My go-to hash here is the Strawberry Banana strain. Its name should say enough: you’re in for a relaxed time with some fruity flavours. Too bad it isn’t strawberry or banana-looking. 

☘️ Strain: Strawberry Banana

What else do you need to know about hash in the Netherlands?

Now that you’ve secured some of Amsterdam’s best hash, you might have some questions you have smoking it. So, let’s answer them!

Smoking hash vs smoking weed: how is it different?

First off, let’s talk about how hash is different from its cousin, weed: What does hashish give you that weed doesn’t?

Both hash and weed will get you high, that’s for sure. The main difference is that hashish will give you a milder high than weed. 

While weed is prone to give you that heavy, hazy high, hashish is better suited for doing activities and not (just) sitting on your couch.

My favourite activity to do on a hash high? Cleaning my house! Image: Depositphotos

The flavour is also a major point of difference, as hashish usually has a more earthy taste (although some hashes, depending on their quality, can be more similar in taste to weed).

Lastly, while hashish is generally milder than weed, it has much more THC compressed into it — so don’t add too much hashish to the joint.

(Or do, if you want to get really, really baked. 🤷‍♀️)

How do you know if hash is of good quality?

While cannabis flowers have clear indicators like aroma and crystal coverage, hashish doesn’t have any obvious clues to let you assess its quality. So, how are you supposed to know whether what you’re buying is actually good?

Of course, the first step to getting good hash in Amsterdam is to buy it from a reputable coffeeshop — like the ones on this list.

Naturally, you want only the most high-quality products. Image: DutchReview

It’s also important to check out the smell of your hash. High-quality, fresh hash should have a mild fragrance. Look out for a stale or mouldy smell (which indicates that the hash has been dried insufficiently) or a plastic-like smell.

In terms of appearance, high-quality hashish looks different depending on the type of hash you’re dealing with.

  • Moroccan hash (so-called “dry-sift”) should range from light blondish-brown and soft for lightly pressed types — to dark brown, shiny, and hard for heavily pressed varieties.
  • “Hand-rubbed” hash in Amsterdam should be smooth, black or brownish-black, and often sticky to the touch.

How do you choose the right hash in Amsterdam?

When it comes to choosing the right hash for you, it’s important to consider what effect you’re looking for.

The effects of hash can cary widely depending on the strain, Sativas giving more of a “head high” while Indicas provide what’s called a “body high.”

Know your hash! Image: DutchReview

When it comes to finding the “best” hashish, it ultimately depends on your personal preference and daily routine.

If you’re a daytime smoker, you may want to smoke Sativa to feel energised and complete tasks with full concentration. Need help falling asleep or relaxing at night? Then go for Indica.

If you’re not sure what kind of hashish to order at an Amsterdam coffeeshop, just ask your budtender! It’s their job to help you out, and they can give you advice on what may be best for you.

How do you roll a hashish joint?

Rolling a hashish joint is a slightly different story from weed, but don’t worry — it’s not (too) complicated. 

Most hashish is quite solid and hard to break up by hand. To prepare it for the joint, you need to heat it up a bit with the flame from a lighter. That will make it softer and easier to break. If your hashish is already softer by default, this step won’t be needed.

Once you heat it up, you can either put little crumbs of hashish in the joint or mould it into a thin, snake-like figure. 

If you use the “hash snake” method, be careful when you ash, because if you push too hard against the ashtray, you risk losing some of the contents of your joint.

Another thing to note is that, unlike weed, hashish will not burn on its own, so you need to add tobacco or some herb to make the joint burn. 💨

Tell me about the history of hashish

As you might guess by now, hash doesn’t grow next to tulips and cheese (also, cheese doesn’t grow, by the way). Instead, hash has a long and rich history spanning many different cultures, from India and Nepal to Egypt and Morocco. 

When hashish first arrived in Europe back in the 18th century, it was more of a curiosity than a daily habit of people. By the 19th century, however, hashish was widespread in certain literary circles throughout Europe. 

The international trade of hashish started later in the 20th century. Pakistan and Afghanistan used to be some of the major exporters of hashish, but after conflicts in the region, Morocco took over the international market. 

For a long time, until the ’90s, they managed to maintain a quasi-monopoly. Today, however, Afghanistan is considered the biggest producer of higher-quality hashish.

If you’re sceptical about hash and would like to try some alternatives, you can always check out edibles for a more culinary high experience, or just stick to the good ol’ marijuana.

Ready for your trip? I hope you enjoy it!

Have you tried any of these kinds of hash in Amsterdam on the list? What do you prefer more, hash or weed? Let us know in the comments!

The best hash in Amsterdam: Frequently asked questions

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Where can you get the best hash in Amsterdam?

What does a hash high feel like?

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Vlad Moca-Grama
Vlad was born and raised in Brasov, Romania and came to the Hague to study. When he isn't spending time missing mountains or complaining about the lack of urban exploration locations in the Netherlands, you can find him writing at Dutch Review.

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  1. Thank you for this interesting article, I must specified that the hashish in Amsterdam but more generally in Holland has really lost in quality since the late 1990s (1999) or early 2000 (2002). At the time, hashish came mainly from abroad ( Marocco , Lebanon, India , turkey, Pakistan, … with varieties of Origin plants. Today the hashish is partly made in Holland with canabis which is strongly totally different and the rare hashish from abroad are no longer from original plants of the country but from Dutch or American or Afgan plants as in Morocco for example the plants origin of Morocco have almost all been replaced by plants more “profitable” and less “fragile” even Moroccans in Morocco, even those who do/working the culture do not smoke this “new” product. At the time there was hashish in amsterdam from the four corners of the world from Morocco through Kashmir with a stop in Lebanon. Small information, the best hashish in the world was the Red Lebanese, not found now because the Americans sent chemical bombs on the bekaa valley the Lebanese hashish is now replaced by Afghan plants . All the times I have been to Holland the last year’s I have never found a quality Hashish sometimes there is but really very rarely.

  2. Good hashish, with that old school aroma that is so rare nowadays I’m saddened to think even in Amsterdam it isn’t available.
    I found NoNo’s post interesting in its explanation of American bombings because in UK at that time late
    1990’s weed did change from the ‘soap bar’ hash named for its shape which was hard and average in quality but generic not like red seal Lebanese or gold seal Moroccan black with its exotic classic smell. The hash here just turned very very bad, often contaminated, as if a new unscrupulous controller had taken over with no regard to quality. It was sometimes contaminated with diesel fuel from transport.
    Then skunk became common, it was amazing but then then this green was no good either, this is not simply through Afghani seed stock as Afghani would not produce the current weed here and so now bud in the UK has become nearly all a form of what I know as PGR weed which is strange bud deformed and unsafe to smoke through chemicals, developed to increase yield at the expense of taste strength etc. It smells like weed and looks like resinous bud but close up the resin glands are actually microscopic leaf material. Besides it would be sticky if so resinous. This PGR weed cannot be discerned by most people and is probably a legal high type artificial weed with a chemical mimicking
    weeds smell and effect. I’ve seen it pass undetected by police cannabis use tests on drivers.
    The best I can get from dealers are various soft hash types, made by growers from trim sold in 4.5 ounce slabs. Polm, bubblehash type hash.
    In 2000 we called it Lebanese or slate as its layers could be separated, it puffed up into sandy pieces on heating, it smelled great too but had no strength at all.
    Maybe that smell was the original morroccan.
    Sadly if you never had old school weed in the UK you won’t understand how bad it is.


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