A message has spread on social media calling upon people to applause at 8 PM tonight for those whose collective efforts allow society to continue to function in the times of the coronavirus outbreak.

The people who are working to keep society running and to tackle the outbreak include healthcare workers, supermarket staffs, garbage collectors and police officers. You know who they are, we should all support them.


The moment spread through the media under the hashtag #klapcoronadewerelduit and was actually made by three women who have chronically ill children, reports RTL Nieuws. They wish to spread a message of solidarity between people and especially for those among us who have been working especially hard in the past few weeks to fight the virus and to help our society. You can find the Facebook event for it here.

The idea is to clap three minutes at 8 PM, be it from your balcony, window or garden. Events like this have already happened in other countries affected by coronavirus, such as Italy, Bulgaria and Spain.

Solidarity in society

Ever since the outbreak began, there’s been plenty examples, in the Netherlands and elsewhere, of solidarity and collective organization to support vulnerable people affected by the outbreak. For example, there’s the #coronahulp, where people either ask for help or offer help on social media. Other spontaneous volunteering groups have formed, so if you want to give or receive help, don’t hesitate to reach out. Now more than ever, it’s important that we offer each other support and solidarity so that we emerge out of this crisis more united.


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