Coronavirus in the Netherlands: number of cases reaches 1705, 19 new victims

The RIVM has published the latest count of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands, which now numbers 1705. This is an increase of 292 patients since the last count. Sadly, 19 people have also perished since yesterday (aged between 63 and 94 years as is reported).

There’s much talk about the Dutch strategy to counter corona, you can read more about that extremely difficult debate right here.

Since Sunday, the government has decided to close all restaurants, clubs, venues and other similar establishments. Supermarkets, pharmacies and other essential services are open.

Coffeeshops to remain open besides ban

It’s been decided by the government yesterday to keep coffeeshops open, and clients have the option to pick-up on their stash. The decision was made in order to curb potential illegal street dealing that started to happen after Sunday’s ban.

Applauses at 8 PM for the workers tackling the coronavirus

A social media trend started by three women with chronically ill children promotes that at 8 PM, we all take three minutes to applaud the people who are now working the hardest in this period of crisis, be it hospital staff, garbage collectors, supermarket staff or police officers. Similar movements happened in other countries affected by the virus, such as Bulgaria, Italy and Spain.

King’s Day in Maastricht is cancelled

Because of the outbreak, it’s been decided that King’s Day in Maastricht will be cancelled. Maastricht was the chosen city for this year’s tour with the Royal Family. While the current ban on events lasts until the 6th of April, the organizers considered that they do not have enough time to prepare the event, which happens 3 weeks after the ban is lifted. As of now it has not been confirmed if King’s day will be celebrated elsewhere.

A word from DutchReview to you, our concerned reader

These are tough times, tougher times than normally anybody born after WW2 has ever endured. We’re all concerned about the state of the country, world, our loved ones, our elderly neighbors and also not unimportant, our livelihoods. This all causes a lot of emotions. But we implore you to help us, yourself and your fellow reader out and respond in our comments with dignity. This is not the time to shout down others or to use profanity, no matter how much you disagree. We’re all in this together and want to find a way out, and all positive vibes and initiatives that have sprung up are truly heartwarming and offer a glimmer of hope. Let’s do this online as well and be kind and graceful in reacting as well (and wash your hands of course).

Check out our coronavirus video

If you have any questions or want more information about the coronavirus, you can check out our guide. We also have a video format.

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