Top baby names in the Netherlands in 2021: is your name on the list?

We’re going to be seeing a lot more of Nora’s and Sem’s in the future. How do we know this? 24Baby has released their expectations for the trends in baby names in the Netherlands for 2021.

According to the company, traditional Dutch names are some of the most common choices for boys and girls. “Short and tough” baby names — names with only one to two syllables — have also been top picks.

However, international names have spent some time climbing the ranks too. Italian names have become popular, reports 24Baby, and so have pop culture names like Otis.

Beyond these, a few other trends have been identified:

Unisex names

The world sure is changing, and the shift toward unisex names proves it. Short and sweet names like Sam, Luca, and Jamie are experiencing a swing in popularity.

Frisian influences

Girls names that come from the Dutch province of Friesland are catching the eye of more and more Dutch parents. Start practising the pronunciation of Jildou, Doutzen, and Benthe because kids with those names may be coming over for playdates in the future.

Frisian boys names have popped up less on 24Baby’s radar, but the company still predicts that popular Frisian names like Douwe and Jurre will continue to rank each year highly. 

Girl baby names in the Netherlands

Short, sweet, and Frisian names aside, three other trends of girls names are gaining traction: biblical names, names that start with a vowel, and the names of ‘momfluencers’.

Why biblical names? Who knows! But names like Eve, Emma, and Sarah are straight out of the Bible, with variations like Evy and Emily also top picks. On the other side of the religious line, Arabic names like Nora and Yara are also on the cards.

Meanwhile, what do the names Anna, Elin, and Evi have in common? They all start with a vowel! These names are fast coming into the top 50 of popular girl names, reports 24Baby.

Finally, a new trend is the rise of the momfluencer names. Saar, Romy, and Nienke are expected to make leaps and bounds in 2021, alongside Nova, Luca, and Milou.

Top 10 girl baby names in the Netherlands for 2021

  1. Tess
  2. Sophie
  3. Emma
  4. Mila
  5. Julia
  6. Yara
  7. Zoë
  8. Nora/Noor
  9. Sara
  10. Lotte

Boy baby names in the Netherlands

Around 85,000 boys are expected to be born in 2021, and the majority are likely to be one syllable, with four letters — aren’t statistics fun?

An expected upward trend will be names like Jan, James, and Jesse — a.k.a the J’s. Beyond that, traditional Dutch boys names will retain their popularity. But what are the most popular? Well without further adieu…

Top 10 boy baby-names in the Netherlands in 2021

  1. Sem
  2. Noah
  3. Lucas
  4. Daan
  5. Liam
  6. Luuk
  7. Finn
  8. Levi
  9. Mees
  10. Bram

Did you spot your name somewhere in there? Let us know in the comments if you did, or even if you didn’t!

Feature Image: Tatiana Syrikova/Pexels

Kavana Desai
Coping with the aftermath of her 3-year stint in the Netherlands, Kavana is a writer, content creator and editor for DutchReview. Hailing from India, she frequently blogs about the Netherlands, being Indian in the Netherlands, and everything in between. She envisions herself to one day be the youngest person to win that Nobel Prize for Literature (she is also not very humble but welcomes only constructive criticism). In the meantime, she fills her days with writing for DutchReview, writing her master's thesis on art theft, and writing fiction that will hopefully see the light of day soon.

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  1. nobody wanted me to name my baby Saskia Victoria. I did anyways. Everyone here in the US (northern VA area) love it!!!

  2. My husband is from the Nertherlands and our daughter named her daughter Holland! We love it. Not a popular name here in the States, but is so special to our family and people here seem to love it as well 😀


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