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Are you dreaming of your own Dutch home? Then you know that the perfect place can be hard to come by. But what if I told you that your house hunt just might be over?

Wait what?! Yup, let me show you around Hyde Park, a brand-spanking-new city district that is currently being built in Hoofddorp. Welkom!

Introducing Hyde Park

Hyde Park’s goal is to set a new standard of living, luxury, and convenience. 

Once completed, the ultra-modern city district will consist of some 3,800 newly-built homes, distributed across seven blocks: Camden Town, Kensington, Notting Hill, Knightsbridge, Mayfair, SoHo, and Octavia Hill. 

Modern buildings? Yes! Bland architecture? Not at all. Image: Hyde Park

As you may have guessed, all the apartment blocks in Hyde Park are named after legendary London boroughs — and while the sale of Knightsbridge is in full swing, the first lucky residents have just moved into Notting Hill and Kensington!

Car-free and adorned with heaps of lush greenery, Hyde Park is idyllically located next to a unique city park that offers everything your heart desires, from gyms to restaurants and cafés to juice bars — but more on that later. 

A luxury city district with an international vibe

Hyde Park is for everyone to enjoy — from young professionals to families and empty nesters. 

Thanks to Hyde Park’s effort to attract an international crowd, the population of the city district is guaranteed to be diverse, vibrant, and multicultural. 

The stunning courtyard is the perfect place to meet your neighbours. Image: Hyde Park

The result? A buzzing residential area that is shared by neighbours from all around the globe. 🌎

If you’re also an expat looking to buy property in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, Hyde Park’s dedicated expat service team is here to help you — whether it’s for mortgage guidance or interior design suggestions. 

Find your perfect Dutch home

As mentioned earlier, the Hyde Park city district is made up of several residential projects — all equally gorgeous, of course.

At the moment, the Knightsbridge apartments are being sold.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a studio, a one-, two-, or three-bedroom apartment, a duplex or even a penthouse, Knightsbridge has the right home for you. 🔑

Stunning. 😍 Image: Hyde Park

Let me tell you from experience (yup, I actually visited the showroom and building site!): once completed, the 406 luxury apartments will be spectacular! 

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Everything you need: at your doorstep

One of the most important things when choosing your home (at least to me) is convenience and walkability. 

I want to be able to hit the gym, grab an iced latte from the local café, and finally walk over to my favourite food spot for a delicious meal. 

And guess what? Hyde Park lets you do just that. 🤩

There’s heaps to explore! Image: Hyde Park

Whether you prefer fietsen or walking, everything is easily accessible at Hyde Park. 

Gyms, hairdressers, juice bars, restaurants, co-working spaces, and supermarkets are just some of the conveniences you’ll find at your doorstep. 

And let’s not forget about the many parks and lush greenery around Hoofddorp; it’s a true paradise for nature lovers!

Live in Hoofddorp, embrace the Netherlands

Hyde Park is not just ideally located near some of Hoofddorp’s most buzzing districts, but it also happens to be situated right in the heart of this beautiful flat country.

A 5-minute walk from the Hyde Park apartment blocks, you’ll find Hoofddorp’s main train station — a.k.a. your magic gate to all of the Netherlands’ best hotspots

The train station is just a short walk away. Image: Hyde Park

Schiphol Airport is a mere 4-minute train ride away, while it’ll take you a swift 23 minutes to get to Amsterdam Centraal. 

Fancy a city break on the weekend? The bustling cities of Utrecht, Rotterdam, and The Hague can all be reached within 35 minutes or less. 

How about a trip to the beach? You guessed it, the stunning shores of Zandvoort are just 22 minutes away. 🚄

Luxury living with a good conscience

If it’s not clear by now, Hyde Park’s apartments are designed to be ultra-modern, luxurious living spaces where you can kick up your feet and unwind from your busy life.

But fear not: despite the many modern amenities, Hyde Park will be very green once completed — both literally, thanks to the surrounding gardens, and figuratively. 🌱

A green oasis. Image: Hyde Park

Only one street in all of Hyde Park will be accessible to cars, allowing the beautiful greenery to flourish, and residents to enjoy all the walking and biking they want. 

Each Hyde Park home will also have A+++ energy levels, letting you cut your energy costs while decreasing your carbon footprint. 

On top of that, there will be no gas in any of the buildings, and all the energy will come from renewable sources. 

Curious to know more? I can’t blame you! 

You can explore the Hyde Park project in all its glory at the Hyde Park House (a fabulous showroom), located right next to the Hyde Park construction terrain. 

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Alternatively, you can contact Hyde Park at [email protected], +31 (0)20 – 747 47 47 or on WhatsApp — they’ll answer all your questions. 

What do you think about Hyde Park? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Feature Image:Hyde Park
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