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Here’s the deal: when you signed your energy contract, you likely signed up for a variable rate — so now that energy prices are high, your wallet is empty. 

But not all energy providers charge the same fees. That means that switching can save you a ton of cash — if you can find a great new utility contract, of course. 

Well, thankfully, we’ve got some good news for you on this front (for once)! With Partner Pete’s contract coach, you’ll soon save tons of that precious cash by ending and swapping your energy contracts. 

After all, taking charge of your expenses can be more complicated than it sounds, especially if you’ve just moved to a new place, or if you struggle with language barriers. Need some help?

What is a contract coach, anyway?

Believe it or not, asking for help every once in a while is smart, although it might seem scary. 

We know, asking for help can feel like losing control, but thankfully, Partner Pete’s contract coach is designed to help you take charge of your own expenses. 

Sometimes, a bit of guidance goes a long way. Image: Depositphotos

With a bit of guidance, your contract coach will help you safely navigate the maze of papers, deals, and expenses. Before you know it, you won’t just have a neat overview of your utilities — you’ll also likely have some extra cash saved from the process. 

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Whether you need to be reminded to do the yearly update of your utility contracts, or you’d like to get your current contract cancelled free of charge — your coach will keep track of things, so you don’t have to. 

How much does a contract coach cost? 

If you’re still a bit sceptical about hiring someone to help you save money, we get it. It might sound like you’re about to spend a bunch of cash in the name of saving a few bucks — but, you’re not.

A Partner Pete contract coach subscription will only cost you about €4.95 a month. 

A Partner Pete contract coach costs less than you’d expect. Image: Depositphotos

In other words, you can pay about the same as you would for a vanilla latte with oat milk, and get useful money-saving tips, instead of just a caffeine addiction. 

Speaking of saving money, one of the best hacks you get for this price is the brand-new price alert service. 

Picture this: whenever the energy rates drop below the amount you’re paying with your current contract, Partner Pete will inform you, giving you the chance to save tons of money, (almost) without lifting a finger. 

Yep! Your contract coach speaks English

Whether you’re an expat, an international student, or just an adventurous soul looking for new experiences, you’ll be familiar with the frustration connected to language barriers. 

Managing your utility contracts is just a tiny bit easier in English. Image: Depositphotos

It can be quite the challenge to navigate a whole new system (ugh, that infamous Dutch bureaucracy), and receiving important-looking letters in a foreign language can be stressful enough, without the added worry about having your water or electricity cut off, just because you don’t understand the fine print. 

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That’s why it’s so handy that Partner Pete’s contract coach will help you not only interpret the confusing lingo of utility contracts into understandable content but also literally translate it from one language to another. 

Oh, and the Partner Pete website is in English, too — so you can give that Google Translate button a rest. 

Have you tried changing your utility contracts to save money? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in September 2022 and was fully updated in June 2023 for your reading pleasure.

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Juni Moltubak
Juni Moltubak
Juni moved to the Netherlands after realizing how expensive tuition fees in the UK are, and never regretted her choice of studying in The Hague. After three years of Political Science, she is ready for a new adventure — an internship at DutchReview! When you don’t see her typing on her laptop she can be found strolling around Haagse Bos or sitting in her lovely garden scrolling through interior design TikToks.

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