A guide to the perfect Christmas Day in Amsterdam

How to enjoy the perfect Christmas day in Amsterdam

So you’re out on holidays for some Christmas in Amsterdam. Congratulations! It’ll likely be cold af and overcast the whole time you’re there. You don’t know your way around and you’re pretty much like…

Christmas Day in Amsterdam

What’s there to do in Amsterdam around Christmas time? If you’re looking for simple, budget-friendly activities for a day in the city, you’ve come to the right place. Fear not, traveller. I’ve got a plan for you for the perfect Christmas day in Amsterdam.

10am – Get your Christmas spirit on

Nothing starts the day right quite like stepping into Christmas town – decorations all around, trees, fairies, Christmas carols… If you like your Christmas over-the-top or you’re looking for the perfect ornament to finish up your tree, make sure to swing by the Christmas Palace shop at the Flower Market on Singel 508.

12pm – Hot chocolate

The city center of Amsterdam can get very overwhelming, very quickly. You’re not the only tourist that decided to come and enjoy the view, and sometimes the best thing to do is find a bit of solace somewhere a little quieter. This is why you want to go to Moods: enjoy a bit of quiet time with a lovely hot chocolate or a piece of cake in this lovely, small café. It’s just outside of the city center so you will get to experience less crowded canals before moving on to the rest of your day.

2pm – Christmas village

The Christmas Village isn’t just any Christmas market. This is Amsterdam’s very own winter wonderland, set against the magnificent Rijksmuseum. There, you’ll find delicious food, mulled wine and artisanal trinkets. And did I mention you can go ice-skating there? I repeat: you can go ice-skating. With the Rijksmuseum as the perfect backdrop to the perfect Christmas scene, you’ll feel like you’re in a movie. Omg.

5pm – Dam square

Christmas day in Amsterdam

Dam square is the main square of Amsterdam; it’s where you will find the Royal Palace and all the touristy stuff. But it’s also where you will find the biggest Christmas tree in the city – and let’s not forget about the decorations on the Bijenkorf building and all the way up the Damrak street. You’ll be glad you’ve seen it.

7pm – Lights festival

Since by now, it’s already been pitch black outside for a couple of hours, now is a good time to take a walk around the city centre and enjoy the light installations. This will definitely complete your experience of Christmas in Amsterdam. You will find a couple of different routes to follow as they are spread all around town. For anyone that appreciates contemporary art – or really, pretty lights and a stroll through the beautiful Amsterdam – this festival is the perfect event. It’s free, and it adds dimension and a little creativity to the old canals.

Enjoy this Christmas day in Amsterdam, friends – especially around this time of year, when the air gets a little bit crisp and the city gets a little friendlier.

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Feat pic; Steven Lek, CC wikipedia


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