How to choose a health insurance plan in the Netherlands for 2024

Forget apples and oranges, compare health insurance instead!

Big changes are coming to healthcare in the Netherlands, and there are a lot of factors to keep in mind when comparing health insurance plans. 

With the January 1 deadline to change your policy or provider fast approaching, you need to strongly consider if you have the best plan for you. 

Whether you need to refresh your health insurance (zorgverzekering) or are looking for a way to save a bit of cash, these steps will help you choose your 2024 Dutch health insurance plan. 

Check how much health insurance premiums are increasing in the Netherlands 

First, it’s important to check the basic premiums for health insurance with your current health insurance provider and compare these with other providers. 

Make sure to research health insurance plans that best suit your needs. Image: Depositphotos

Come January 1, the four largest health insurance companies (CZ, Menzis, VGZ, and Zilveren Kruis) are increasing their basic monthly premium, reports RTL Nieuws

  • CZ: from €138.25 euro to €145.85
  • Menzis: from €141.25 euro to €146.75
  • VGZ: from €141.95 euro to €146.95
  • Zilveren Kruis: €138.95 euro to €147.45

You may find that another provider can offer you more bang for your buck! One thing is certain — health insurance companies have increased their premiums for 2024. 

Keep tabs on your basic health insurance premiums. Image: Freepik

It’s also worth noting that in addition to the increase in health insurance premiums in the Netherlands on January 1, the maximum amount of healthcare allowance (zorgtoeslag) you can receive in the Netherlands is also decreasing

Depending on your income, you can only receive a maximum of €127 per month in healthcare allowance in 2024, instead of a maximum of €154 per month in 2023. 

Confirm the reimbursement policies of your provider

When choosing a health insurance plan or changing to a new healthcare provider, it’s also important to check the reimbursement policies of your health insurance provider. 

Reimbursement policies relate to specialist healthcare and your coverage at different hospitals in the Netherlands. 

Check which specialists and healthcare providers are covered by the insurance companies

Helaas, three of the largest health insurance companies (VGZ, CZ, and Zilveren Kruis) have announced that they won’t fully reimburse care from healthcare providers that don’t have a contract with the insurer, the NRC reports. 

Getting specialist care like therapy may come with extra costs. Image: Freepik

This means health insurance companies will only reimburse someone’s costs to see a mental healthcare specialist or a physiotherapist if that specialist has a contract with the insurer. 

This means you should be extra vigilant and double-check that, for example, the costs for your therapist will still be covered under insurance.

Not covered? It’s time to compare health insurance plans to find a policy and provider that suits your personal situation.

Find out which providers reimburse costs at your local hospitals

Most health insurance providers make it clear in advance that you can visit any hospital in the Netherlands, and your health insurance will reimburse any costs. 

Most insurance companies reimburse any costs at a hospital in the Netherlands. Image: Freepik

For example, according to Zorgwijzer, if you’re insured by CZ, Menzis, OHRA, and a.s.r., they will cover the cost of visits to any hospital in the Netherlands. 

On the other hand, if you’re insured by Interpolis, Just, ZieZo, or Univé, there’s a possibility you’ll have to pay for specialist care from your own pocket if the hospital does not have a contract with the insurer. 

There are a few exceptions where healthcare costs are fully reimbursed in every hospital, regardless of your insurance: 

  • Going to the emergency room
  • Healthcare for children under 18
  • Hospital care for pregnancy
  • Treatments you can only receive at certain hospitals

For a rundown of which providers cover what, you can compare health insurance plans. 

Decide if you need dental, vision, and specialist care

On top of monthly premiums, you’ll have to take out extra insurance for any dentist or eye doctor appointments and any other specialist care you want to have. 

Dental premiums usually have to be taken out on top of normal health insurance. Image: Freepik

Other healthcare like physiotherapy, cosmetic procedures, and mental healthcare aren’t typically covered in basic packages, and you also may have to join a waitlist to receive specialist healthcare.

2024 is coming in hot with many changes to the healthcare system and health insurance plan. It’s time to make sure your healthcare plan continues to serve you in the new year.

All health insurance companies have announced new policies, packages, and costs, so there are three main dates to keep in mind for the healthcare changes in the Netherlands: 

  • November 13, 2023: You can start comparing health insurance plans in the Netherlands
  • December 31, 2023: This is the last day to cancel your old health insurance plan in the Netherlands
  • January 31, 2024: This is the last day you can take out a new health insurance plan in the Netherlands. 

Have you sorted your health insurance for 2024? Tell us about your experiences in the comments!

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