After a korting? The guide to cheap shops in the Netherlands

Looking for the equivalent of a dollar store, a euro shop, a pound shop? When you’re an expat who has just arrived in a new country, you have absolutely no knowledge of the best shops, let alone the cheap ones.

You wander in any old shop and hope that it has something you are looking for, no matter the cost. The more you live here and search around, the more you get to know about the best places to shop. Sometimes we can all feel the pinch and we just need some guidance on budgeting our money and getting the most from it. Well, we have compiled a list of the very best cheap shops in the Netherlands, so you can get the best korting! You’ll be well on your way to frantically lobbing mountains of items in your shopping baskets.

Cheap shops in the Netherlands: household items

#1: Action

Action is amazing. It is what saved me when I first moved to the Netherlands with minimal money and an unfurnished house. Action is a store which sells random household items such as cutlery, phone chargers, photo frames, bed linen, toiletries, cleaning products and general decorative items. It’s all ridiculously cheap, and a lot of it doesn’t even look that cheap if you choose right. Action also has a ton of stores all over the whole country, so it’s easy to find if you want to shop there.

#2: Big Bazaar

Big bazaar is very similar to Action, yet personally I think the items look a bit cheaper and there is slightly less choice. However, it is great if you’re looking for a bargain on household goods or decorative items.

#3: SoLow

Again, similar to both Action and Big Bazaar, SoLow provides you with cheap household goods. This ranges from items such as scarf and gloves to the more ‘adult’ items, such as jokey sex games and beer pong (oi, oi). They also sell car and bike items, culinary items, cards and decorative items. SoLow is only found in some cities though, unfortunately.

#4: Flying Tiger

Want hippy and cool items for good prices? Check out Flying Tiger! This shop has become a bit of a obsession with many of us. As you wander around the shop, you slowly end up building your trolley with more and more interesting goods (some of which you will probably never ever use). Flying Tiger is a perfect shop to fill your home with pointless inexpensive items! Worth it though 😉

#5: IKEA

We all know and love Ikea. Ikea speaks for itself. Plus they sell the best meatballs. I shall say no more.

Cheap shops in the Netherlands: Supermarkets

#1: Aldi

If you’re looking for the cheapest supermarket, head to Aldi. Aldi is honestly dirt cheap and good for the essentials, such as bread, milk, chopped tomatoes, sauces, butter etc. If you’re strapped for cash, come to Aldi to do your shop!

#2: Lidl

Lidl is ever so slightly more expensive than Aldi, but with a bigger and better range of food. Lidl does special weeks some weeks, so it’s perfect for you expats looking for a certain cuisine. The other week they had ‘British week’ and I raided Lidl about 4 times to buy back-bacon, sticky toffee pudding and cheddar cheese like an animal. So it’s worth checking out what food they are stocking every week.

TIP: Lidl also sells some pretty nice furniture online, if you’re after some inexpensive furniture.

Cheap shops in the Netherlands: clothing stores

#1: Primark

Most people know what Primark is and thankfully they have it here in the Netherlands! Primark is good if you need something cheap and cheerful to wear. They also sell some household goods and duvet covers, to decorate your home. Primark stores are mainly concentrated in Holland, so you may have to travel a bit further afield if you’re right in the north.

#2: C&A

C&A is one of those shops where one item can be considered quite expensive and another dirt cheap. There are some really nice clothes in there and the sales are really good too, so have a shop around and you might find something really good. Definitely a shop to check out for some nice, yet inexpensive clothes.

#3: Zeeman

Zeeman is a very inexpensive shop, with both clothes and household items in their stores. The clothes are items such as underwear, gym wear, t-shirts and jumpers. The household items are usually items such as cleaning products and kitchen-wear. A good shop for a flying visit if you’re after a few cheap t-shirts and a bottle of bleach.

Cheap shops in the Netherlands: electrical items

#1: MediaMarkt – only when a sale is on

The best place to go for electrical goods is MediaMarkt. They have lots of stores up and down the country so you can go to the store and see the items for yourself. The range of goods is quite extensive, and there is usually some sort of sale on. So, if you’re looking for some electrical goods, here’s your go-to. Only if there’s a sale on – otherwise, it can be a bit pricey for some items.

You’re on the road to saving those euros…

I hope this ‘cheap shop’ guide, has got you well on your way to securing yourself a great deal. After all, what are we going to do with all those euros we have managed to save? Maybe you can buy those guilt-free bottles of wine after all!

What’s your favourite store to go to the Netherlands when you want to save some money? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image: Pinacol/Pixabay

Emma Brown
A familiar face at DutchRevew. Emma arrived in Holland in 2016 for a few weeks, fell in love with the place and never left. Here she rekindled her love of writing and travelling. Now you'll find her eating stroopwafels in the DutchReview office since 2017.


  1. Leen Bakker and Kwantum are worth a mention too, they sell everything for the house including furniture, soft furnishings, paint / wallpaper, carpets, bedding and other knick-knacks for the house. Wibra is very similar to Zeeman, affordable clothings, bedding, etc.


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