Travelling by plane this summer? Here are 7 extra costs to watch out for

Hello, hidden fees 🔎

Ever think you’ve found a good deal on a flight just to realise a bunch of extra costs have sneakily doubled the price? Luggage, seats, even cancellations — these will all add to your receipt.

With more and more airlines making passengers pay for extras (if we can even call them that?), the AD has shared seven costs to take into account when booking your next flight. 👇

1. Chairs aren’t cheap

Planning to sit down for your flight? You’ll have to pay extra for that.

Well, not exactly, but if you want to reserve a specific seat, be it for more legroom or to sit closer to your travel buddy, you will. 

The cost of this luxury depends on the flight duration, comfort and location, and can vary from anywhere between €4 and €60. 💺

Don’t be fooled by taking one for the team with the cramped seats by the toilets — even those might not be free nowadays.

2. Cashing in on cancellations

Something came up and you have to change or even cancel your trip? Not only does this suck, but it can also be extremely expensive or, in some cases, impossible. 😢

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If you have commitment issues, or just need reassurance, make sure you book a ticket that allows for flexibility. 

Yes, this might add a few Euros to your initial booking, but at least it means you’re not losing all your money in case you have to cancel. 

3. Don’t bring unplanned hand luggage

Travelling light? Only a simple bag that fits under the seat in front of you will be free, and most budget airlines now charge extra for anything larger.

That’s why luggage reservations are important. “If you show up at the airport with a suitcase that is not on your ticket, you will quickly pay about 25 percent more”, holiday comparator Eelko Van Drongelen tells AD. 🧳

4. Bigger bags, bigger fees

If you are travelling further or longer, you might want to bring hold luggage. The catch? This will add somewhere between €40 and €140 to your European return flight. 😳

You will also pay more if you arrive with a suitcase without a reservation (like we said, very important), or if your suitcase is overweight.

5. Look out for ticket sites

Look, we all love a good price comparison tool, but when it comes to plane tickets, you’re usually better off booking directly with the airline.

This is not just because of third-parties’ higher fees when it comes to seat reservation, hand luggage and administration costs.

If something goes wrong, they also often make it much more difficult to contact the airline directly.

6. Forgot to check in online? Pay up

Online check-ins have made flying not just a whole lot easier but also paper-free. 

Are we making the airlines’ jobs easier? Certainly. But does that mean we should pay less? Nee, hoor!

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Instead, airlines are sneaking in extra costs by making you pay if you don’t check in online. Yup, “you might receive a fine at the airport of 55, 40, 25 or 10 Euros per person per flight”, warns Van Drongelen.

7. Tax, of course

Increasing by €2.62 in 2024, the Dutch air travel tax now stands at a whopping €29.05. This cost is included in your ticket, and can make travelling by plane a very costly affair.

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Compared to our neighbouring countries, the Dutch airfare tax is high, pushing airlines to offer more and more flights from Belgium or Germany, where the tax rate is lower.

Our final word of wisdom? Even if you make it through to the final stage of your booking process, double-check your basket. Often, you can only see the extra costs right before you buy!

And, of course, enjoy your trip. 😉

Have you encountered these sneaky extra costs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Lottie Gale 🇬🇧
Lottie Gale 🇬🇧
Lottie joins DutchReview as an editorial intern after gaining a Bachelor’s in English from her native England. She continues to pursue all things literature in her MA Literature Today at Utrecht University. She is loving life here, and the ever-looming rainclouds often make it feel like a home from home. Lottie arrived to complete her studies and hone her writing skills — she’ll stay for the Dutch tranquility, tulips and tompouce.


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