€95 million of cocaine hidden in bananas discovered in Dutch port

Customs found more than a thousand kilograms of cocaine in a shipment at a port in Vlissingen in South Holland.

During the check, 1279 kilograms of cocaine was found hidden in two containers filled with bananas. According to the Public Prosecution Service, its street value was worth more than €95 million.

The bunches of bananas came from Ecuador and were transported to Vlissingen port via Antwerp, but there was a slight slip-up along the way. 🍌

The drugs have since been destroyed, reports Omroep Zeeland.

Quiet in Rotterdam 

For this to occur in Vlissingen is uncommon; usually, these large drug seizures occur in Rotterdam’s port. One shipment was worth over €200 million just last month. 😱

As a result, new legislation was introduced on January 1 to hold suspected offenders accountable for their crimes. 

The accused could face several months behind bars or receive a hefty fine depending on the gravity of the offence.

What do you think about the port being used as an illicit drug depot? Tell us in the comments below.

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Eva Gabriella
Eva Gabriella
After calling Malaysia her home for 19 years, Eva moved to Amsterdam to study literary and cultural analysis. Well, that was the academic theory — in reality it was more like “cultural shock.” Eva’s mastery of life in the Netherlands involved initiation into the richness of nocturnal hangouts, canals, cuisine, and upright and forthright cyclists (who she now rings her bell back at.) When she is not speeding her way through books, she is winding and weaving down endless straatjes, often finding herself, not so quite by chance, in a gezellig music bar!



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