The Utrecht neighbourhood of Lunetten has been thrown into the spotlight once again, after a potential attack today and yesterday led to heavy police presence in the area. This follows two attacks against women in the past month, which prompted police to encourage women to not cycle alone.  

Yesterday, local residents noted a large police presence. Earlier this morning, police returned again to conduct a major investigation for what they described as a “suspicious situation”, RTV Utrecht reports.

The two assaults in the park last month has people believing the current events may be related. Police are yet to confirm or deny any link.

Suspicious man

The report of suspicious behaviour in the park was received in the early hours of this morning. Police were deployed to the park and a police helicopter circled the area.

An appeal was sent out through Burgernet at 7:30 AM asking that local residents keep an eye out for a man acting suspiciously. The man was described as wearing dark clothes and left the area on a bike.

The area where “suspicious behaviour” occurred was cordoned off but a forensic investigation yielded nothing. Police left the area at 11 AM.

Did you spot any suspicious behaviour in the area? Stay safe out there!


Feature Image: DutchReview/Canva


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