The RIVM has published the latest count of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands, for Saturday, April 11. There are now 24,413 cases throughout the country, 189 new hospitalizations and 132 new deaths.

While the number of cases has continued to increase, there has been some good news nevertheless throughout the week.

107-year-old woman recovers from coronavirus

The coronavirus is especially dangerous towards older people, but a Dutch woman proved her resilience in front of the virus.

She is, in fact, the oldest person in the world to recover from the virus. She probably contracted during a church service at her nursing home where 40 other people got sick.

She is now in stable condition.

The Netherlands has increased its testing capacity to 17,500 tests per day

The Netherlands was initially slow when it came to their testing capabilities. Until recently, the country only had a testing capacity of 5000 tests per day.


The country has now massively extended its testing capabilities, with 41 testing labs from the initial 15. The country can now conduct 17,500 tests per day, and if need be, the labs can run for 24 hours, allowing for 29,000 daily tests.

General practitioners are also allowed now to conduct tests on prospective patients.

Two dutchies invent coronavirus emojis

To end up on a light-hearted note, a Dutch couple, while in the boredom of their quarantine, decided to invent emojis specifically made for the coronavirus.

The emojis have everything you need, from working at home in your pijamas to calling your grandmother and everything in between. If you want to give them a download, you can do so here. All donations go to the Red Cross.

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Feature Image: DutchReview/Canva


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