Coronavirus update: 3,597 new infections as Rutte prepares to front the press

This week’s coronavirus figures have been released by the RIVM. The number of infections is nearly the same as last week, with only a slight increase.

The number of positive cases has increased slightly to 3,597. This is up just nine new cases from last week’s 3,588.

More people have been tested, with 163,000 tests this week. That’s 23,000 more than last week. This resulted in a smaller percentage of positive results, at 2.2%, compared to last week’s 2.5%. The rate of reproduction is around 1.

The majority of the cases have been found in Amsterdam, with Rotterdam and Montfoort also seeing high numbers.

Image: RIVM

Fewer hospital admissions and deaths

The number of hospitalisations decreased this week. There were 57 new hospital admissions, 27 fewer than last week.

The number of corona-related deaths has also fallen. This week there were 24, which is down by eight since last week.

The RIVM also reports that four new cases of reinfection have been found in the Netherlands so far. Each of the four patients was over sixty, with several months between infections. Virologist Marion Koopmans says these cases are likely exceptions.

Overall, this week offers an optimistic view of the coronavirus trajectory in the Netherlands. The greater levels of testing and lower levels of hospitalizations and deaths show that the virus is being well-managed.

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Recent happenings

While the current state of coronavirus is hopeful, people are still asked to follow coronavirus safety measures. Young people have been continuing to gather in groups, despite current corona restrictions. The police are asking citizens to report illegal large gatherings.

Widespread public use of the new CoronaMelder app has been delayed. The virus-tracking app was set to be available September 1 but is now pushed back for an undetermined amount of time. It must wait for legal approval for data and privacy protection.

While the figures are looking better, coronavirus is anticipated to be around for a long time to come. The government is working on a new support package, to be effective October 1.

Tonight’s press conference

Tonight at 7 PM, Prime Minister Rutee and Minister De Jong will be holding a press conference to address the current state of the coronavirus in the Netherlands.

It’s been nearly six months since the corona crisis began. September 1 was said to be an important milestone in the country’s relaxation of restrictions.

While most of these restrictions have already been loosened (for example, regarding coffee shops and sex workers), waiting in the most anticipation have been nightclubs and discotheques. Reopening does not seem likely with the still high number of corona cases, though more will be certain tonight.

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Feature Image: DutchReview/Canva

Brin Andrews
Brin Andrews
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