Everyone loves receiving mail, with the exception of bills and, oh yeah, bombs. Yet, five different businesses across the Randstad have received bomb letters in the past week. In all cases, no explosives were fired, however, police warn more explosive mail could be in circulation. 

Police say the letters could cause serious physical injury. The bombs were delivered to a gas station and car dealership in Rotterdam, a hotel and gas station in Amsterdam, and a real estate office in Utrecht.

Director of the Rotterdam car dealership, Jan-Bas Veltman, told NOS a secretary began to open the letter today, then saw something that “looked like a battery.” The dealership then called the police.

Authorities are investigating as to whether there is any connection between the different businesses. They say the letters could be aiming to extort the business owners. “That is a plausible scenario,” says a spokesperson. “But we also do not exclude other options.”

Warning to be alert

Each bomb letter appears as though it comes from the Central Collection Office (CIB) in Rotterdam. However, police say the collections agency is not responsible. Despite this, a sixth suspicious letter was found today at the headquarters of the collections agency. It is currently being investigated.

Police are warning people and authorities who receive a letter appearing to be from the CIB that appears oddly thick to remain on alert. A tell-tale sign is a CIB logo sticker on the envelope, instead of being printed

Director Niels de Peuter of the CIB says in a reaction that he is enormously shocked. “This is, of course, terrible for all involved.”


Feature Image: Jacqueline Macou/Pixabay


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