Firework bomb thrown at van with seven police officers inside

The Hague Police have released a video showing a group of young people throwing a firework bomb under a moving police van. The incident occurred on December 3 and badly damaged the vehicle. The police are still looking for the perpetrators. 

What happened exactly?

A group of young people ran onto Pluvierstraat at around 10 pm and threw a firework bomb at the moving vehicle. At the time of the incident, seven officers were inside the van.

The event was caught on camera by a police helicopter. In the video, you can see the projectile rolling towards the van followed by two large explosions.

Thankfully, the police officers inside the van avoided injury, although a number reported issues with their ears. The van has been seriously damaged.

No suspects have been arrested for this incident at this time, but the investigation is still ongoing.

Stop violence against police

Police chief Paul van Musscher emphasised how dangerous incidents like this are, but said that unfortunately his colleagues have become used to it. “In the run-up to New Year’s, we see fireworks thrown at police officers. But throwing such a firework bomb at officers crosses a line,” he explained.

“This could have seriously injured several police officers or worse. People who are committed to safety in our society, who are doing nothing but their jobs.”

He urged people to stop their reckless behaviour before it gets out of hand. “Consider what can happen if, for example, your son has this type of firework under his bed and it goes wrong. What if these fireworks go off prematurely in a group of people? The consequences cannot be ignored.”

The police ask anyone with information to please come forward and report it.

Do you have information that can assist the police in the investigation? Call the Investigation Hotline on 0800-6070. If you prefer to share your information anonymously, call Meld Misdaad Anoniem on 0800-7000.

Freya Sawbridge
Freya Sawbridge
Freya was born in Edinburgh but raised in New Zealand (cue every person she meets saying “oh I have always wanted to go there but it’s so far away!”). A restless and curious nature has led her to move countries 5 times in the last 3 years in attempt to find a place she can call home. She contacted DutchReview on a whim and arrived in the Netherlands in summer 2019 to start her internship.


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