Good news! Two Dutch airports to compensate passengers who missed flights

Missed your flight due to airport chaos in the Netherlands? You can now claim compensation at both Schiphol and Eindhoven Airport until September 30!

Both Schiphol and Eindhoven Airport are finally showing some of that royal energy we’ve all been hopelessly waiting for. 😌

How? By cooking up schemes to accommodate passengers who missed their flights due to the waiting times at security control.

Schiphol’s plan to compensate travellers

For Schiphol, the scheme concerns folks who arrived at the airport on time between April 23 and August 11 of this year but missed their flights due to the long queues.

You can request compensation for the following costs:

  • Rebooking your flight or for a replacement flight,
  • unused accommodation,
  • alternative transport for those who had to travel to a destination in a different way.

You’re only eligible for compensation if you haven’t already been reimbursed, like through insurance or an airline. 

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According to a spokesperson at Schiphol, a baffling 1,500 requests have already been submitted to the bustling airport. It’s not the least bit surprising. 🙄

Eindhoven Airport follows through

Travellers who missed their flight due to long queues can also submit a compensation request at Eindhoven Airport until September 30 — and this includes the same costs covered by the scheme at Schiphol.

At the moment, you’re only able to request compensation for costs incurred between May 23 and August 11. Eindhoven also requires that you were at the airport at least two and a half hours before departure but still missed your flight, reports RTL Nieuws.

Dutch airports make way for improvement

It’s a tough world out there for travellers at the moment, and apparently, the CEO of Schiphol, Dick Benschop, agrees.

“We find it extremely annoying that there are people who have missed their flight due to a long line at security. They had to miss a holiday or part of their holiday, and we sympathize with those people”, he tells NOS.

Fortunately, Schiphol stepped up its game lately by hiring more staff and attracting folks to work there again. It’s about damn time, Schiphol. 🙃

Eindhoven Airport has also been a mess in recent months, with very few employees to attend to travellers. 

Eindhoven was even ranked the worst airport in the Netherlands and the third-worst in all of Europe. We’re hoping this new scheme can revamp their image.

Will you make use of the airports’ compensation schemes? Tell us in the comments below!

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Gaelle Salem
Gaelle Salem
Born and raised on the island of Sint Maarten, Gaelle moved to the Netherlands in 2018 to attend university. Still trying to survive the erratic Dutch wind and rain, she has taken up the hobby of buying a new umbrella every month. You can probably find her in the centre of The Hague appreciating the Dutch architecture with a coffee in one hand and a slice of appeltaart in the other.
  1. Albufeira 15.08.2022
    Op 3 juni mijn vlucht Eindhoven-Faro gemist met nog 21 passagiers.
    Vlucht met Ryanair FR7412- vertrek 11.00 uur.
    Grote chaos en niemand v/h personeel van de Airport bracht hier enige
    orde in, erger nog er was bijna niemand te zien van het personeel.
    Ik kon dezelfde dag niet omboeken op een vlucht naar Faro(alles vol).
    Eerste vlucht mogelijkheid was op 4 juni met Transavia-vlucht HV6607.
    Extra kosten die ik heb gemaakt is €196.
    Waar en hoe kan ik mijn claim indienen?
    Adres is Airport Eindhoven- Luchthavenweg 25- 5657EA Eindhoven, en naar welke afdeling?


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