This adorable Dutch family film could be the next English blockbuster

Heard of the film ‘Knor’? This heartwarming Dutch blockbuster is about to make headlines across the world — and it’s going to be in English! 

The animation film ‘Knor’ (preciously named ‘Oink’ in English) follows the story of a girl, Babs, that receives a super-cute but chaotic little piglet, Knor, from her grandfather for her birthday. 

She, of course, wants to keep it, but her parents say that Knor must follow a puppy course to become part of the family. Um, adorable?! Be right back, adopting a piglet. 🐖 

This lovable film will soon win hearts all over the world after being sold to 28 countries in the past year, including South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, China, Spain, Germany, France and Japan, reports

Three Golden Calves movie awards

Knor has been a huge success, being awarded three Golden Calves awards at the Netherlands Film Festival, and there are even whispers that it could be a nominee for the Oscars.

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For all Dutchies out there, you might recognize some of the big Dutch movie names in the credits. The main voices in the film are played by Jelka van Houten, Kees Prins, Henry van Loon, and Hiba Ghafry.

The film wasn’t an easy task to produce either. Knor is a stop-motion animation, so it’s composed of millions of individual pictures of clay and plastic puppets to slowly create a whole movie. 

How adorable (and maybe a little freaky) is this family photo from the Dutch film Knor? Image: Gusto Entertainment

Want to catch the film in the Netherlands (in the original Dutch) Now’s your last chance, since it’s already been playing for almost a year. 

The Focus Cinema in Arnhem, Eye in Amsterdam, and LantarenVenster in Rotterdam are the last cinemas in the Netherlands still showing the famous blockbuster. 

Want to see it in English? Hopefully we won’t be waiting long. 🐽

What’s your favourite Dutch movie? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image:Gusto Entertainment
Naomi Lamaury
Naomi Lamaury
Naomi came to the Netherlands four years ago for her studies with two suitcases and without ever having been to the country or knowing much about it. Now, you can find her eating ‘bitterballen’ and fighting against the Dutch wind on her bike every day like a local. Naomi enjoys writing about what is going on around her alongside a warm cup of coffee.


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