Dutch MPs amazed that Trump has prematurely declared victory

Dutch MPs have been left stunned after Trump declared himself the winner in the US presidential elections without actually having won it.

Some of the MPs have even called upon the Dutch government to set out and explain some basic democratic principles to the US.

D66 Member of Parliament Sjoerd Sjoerdsma has called on the Minister for Foreign Affairs Stef Blok and European allies to clarify that Trump’s claim is not yet recognized.

“It is not up to us to elect the US president, it is up to us to educate friendly democracies,” the MP tweeted.

Groenlinks leader Jesse Klaver agrees. He wrote on Twitter that the Dutch government should call on Trump to comply with the rules of democracy.

“The situation in the US shows how important it is to vote. But also how dangerous it is for a president to undermine democracy by claiming profit before all votes are counted,” Klaver tweeted.
Karabolut, a member of the Socialist Party, called upon Mark Rutte to send out a firm reaction regarding Trump’s ‘anti-democratic attitude’.

And of course, there’s also Wilders who, as one expects, has a different opinion:

Just like you and everybody else, we’re also watching this nail-biting race. Good luck managing those feelings American readers!
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Featured image: Patrick Semansky/NDLA 
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