It’s official guys! Dutch over 75s are having more sex, under 25s have less

Research conducted by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) has shown that older couples are taking it to the bedroom more often, while younger people are less likely to. 

In fact, CBS (The Dutch bureau for statistics) has come to the conclusion that people over the age of 75 are having more sex, whereas younger people between the ages of 16 and 25 are having less. How raunchy — and sad. 🌶️

Let’s talk about sex baby 

The Netherlands is known for breaking taboos when it comes to sex — vibrators being sold at your regular stores, the RIVM encouraging people to ‘find a sex buddy’ during the coronavirus crisis, and a proud announcement about the blooming of a penis plant

And now breaking another taboo — talking about the sex lives of older Dutchies.

In a survey carried out by Statistics Netherlands, people aged 75 and over were asked about their sex lives and how frequently they enjoy sex — and sure enough, they answered. 

When asked about their sex lives in 2022, 27% of the over-75s said they were sexually active, while in 2014, this was only 16%. 

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Younger people between the ages of 16 and 25 were also asked about their sex lives. The findings of this survey? In younger Dutch people aged 16 to 25 years old, 63% were sexually active in 2014, this decreased to 56% in 2022.

This results in the Netherlands having a large decrease in how frequently younger people have sex, while over-75s are actually having more sex, RTL Nieuws reports. 

Age% of respondents who were sexually active in 2022% of respondents who were sexually active in 2014
Total (16 years or older)69.7%74.5%
16 to 25 years55.5%63.1%
25 to 35 years86.5%90.1%
35 to 45 years87.9%91.8%
45 to 55 years83.8%86.1%
55 to 65 years70.3%74.9%
65 to 75 years52.6%55.8%
75 years older26.7%16.4%
Findings according to CBS statistics

Taking note from older people 

Hanneke de Graaf, who conducts research into sexuality at the Rutgers expertise centre, gives her insight into what could be causing younger people and their decline in sex. 

She believes that one of the reasons could be the pressure they face in society. 

“Everything has to be perfect, so your first time having sex too, which makes young people afraid to make a mistake,” she explains to RTL Nieuws. 

Another reason could also be the influence of social media, which has made young people more cautious about their personal lives and what may end up online. 

So, what is the secret of older couples? What’s getting them a bit friskier? De Graaf thinks it has to do with how today’s over-75s grew up in a different generation than the over-75s of ten years ago. 

With different views on how people view sex nowadays and the elderly now being fitter and healthier, De Graaf isn’t surprised that they are spicing up their sex lives. 😚

What do you think the reason is behind these findings? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Francesca Burbano
Francesca Burbano
Francesca is an international at heart but moved to the Netherlands to get her degree in media and communication. While she's not a big fan of the cold weather and biking (for good reason — she's been hit by bikes three times already), she fell in love with the canals, bitterballen, and the 'gezelligheid' of Dutch culture. When she's not writing, you'll find her reading thriller books, hitting her personal records at the gym, and cuddling up with her Ragdoll cat.


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