The new count of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands for Sunday has been published by the RIVM, reaching 10,866 cases. 132 patients have also passed away, bringing the grim number to 771.

The Netherlands has implemented even harsher measures when it comes to social distancing, such as banning all groups of three people or more going out on the streets, regardless if they respect the distance of 1.5 meters or not. These new rules have not been, however, respected equally by all.

Police called to close down parties

Throughout this weekend, police had to intervene in different places in order to close down parties. In Rotterdam, the Grand Hotel had to be closed down after a group of youth drank and did laughing gas in a hotel room, and then proceeded to set a fire in one of the staircases. They’ve been arrested and fined by the police.

Parties also had to be closed down elsewhere, with one of the partygoers disrespectfully mentioning to the police that the coronavirus only affects old people.

Nevertheless, throughout the country, many normally busy places were empty.

Empty beaches, nature parks and streets

Despite the irresponsible behaviour of some youth, many places in the Netherlands this weekend were empty. Certain beaches were closed down, or the municipalities urged people to not go to the beaches. Despite the good weather, people respected the measures and very few people showed up.

Forests have also been closed off or had few visitors, and in the Dutch cities, many normally bustling areas were empty, including in high-density areas like in Amsterdam.


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