A crowdfunding campaign for Leiden University has raised over half a million euros for research on coronavirus in just a month. 

We are very happy with the donations, says Eric Snijder, a professor of molecular virology at LUMC. The money will be invested in research as soon as possible, according to NOS.

Traditional methods of acquiring funds for such initiatives takes years. However, a crowdfunding campaign speeds up the process in that it minimises the time needed for approval and paperwork.

About the project

The project, #Wakeuptocorona at the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) has been set up to “characterise this virus in detail and test potential virus inhibitors and vaccine candidates,” according to the campaign. More than 2 million euros is needed in total to carry out the project successfully.

Currently, several laboratories in the Netherlands are working on research into coronavirus. The LUMC has a lab, and would like to set up a second one for the purposes listed above.

Happy to help

“I get the impression that people are happy to be able to contribute to something,” says Snijder. Many of the comments on the page demonstrated enthusiasm for the project — some do-gooders donated money during Easter, since not much can be done during the holidays given the circumstances. Others donated since corona has hit them or their families hard.


Everyone can relate to the efforts on some level. You can find out more or donate yourself at the crowdfunding website.

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Feature Image: DutchReview/Canva


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