Hundreds of Dutch ATMs close permanently: what does this mean?

For anyone looking to take out a little cash, it’s likely that your usual ATM isn’t there anymore. Nearly 900 ATMs were permanently closed last year, some were relocated.

This year, De Nederlandsche Bank reported 4,916 ATMs in the Netherlands, 879 less than a year ago tells RTL Nieuws.

The reason? People in the Netherlands use less and less cash, and more banks are closing their branches. 💳

Manage with fewer machines

A spokesperson for Geldmaat (a Dutch business that installs, manages, and maintains ATMs) said they removed many ATMs in Dutch cities because the company could manage with fewer machines. 🏧

As a result, anyone who needs to withdraw or deposit money may have to drive (or cycle 😉) a little further to access an ATM.

Finding potential locations

On the other hand, Geldmaat said they will add 140 ATMs in new locations — but finding the perfect place for these can be tricky business.

Not everyone wants an ATM around because of the risk of explosions. Many stores like Bruna and Primera have ATMs now partly for this reason. However, one of the issues with these is that they’re not always obvious to people.

Geldmaat is also experimenting with new locations, such as giving ATMs their own little store which would be monitored by video cameras. They might add staff to these stores now that coronavirus measures have been relaxed.

A changing landscape

In the past two and a half years, Geldmaat changed the ATM landscape when it took over the operation of ATMs from most banks. You’ll rarely see an ABN AMRO, INGB or Rabobank ATM but almost always a Geldmaat ATM.

Although temporarily introduced, you currently won’t be able to withdraw money from an ATM machine between 11 PM and 7 AM. ⌚️ However, you can still withdraw money until 2 AM from busy locations such as major train stations and entertainment venues.

With Geldmaat here to stay, it seems like the world of cash accessibility and finances will continue to change in the Netherlands. 👀

What do you think of the changes to ATMs around the Netherlands? Tell us in the comments!

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Katrien Nivera 🇵🇭
Katrien Nivera 🇵🇭
Third culture kid Katrien is a Philippine native who’s been living in the Netherlands since she was a tween. One identity crisis and two university degrees later, she is here to stay for her passion in writing and journalism. Other than organising her life on Notion and the sticky notes app, Katrien is found nose-deep in a good book, button-mashing on her Nintendo Switch, or practicing scales on her flute.


  1. I believe it is related to the introduction of the CBDCs, to have more control and easy government control for tracking.

  2. “Not everyone wants an ATM around because of the risk of explosions. Many stores like Bruna and Primera have ATMs now partly for this reason.”

    The risk of explosions? Huh? And the risk of explosions is the reason why Bruna now have ATMs?

    That doesn’t make any sense.


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