Indian summer’s here (finally): great weather expected this week

Temperatures are set to be relatively high next week (but not as high as a tourist in Amsterdam, unfortunately), reports Weerplaza.

Many areas can even expect an Indian summer — a far cry from the bland, wet greyness we’ve been experiencing.

Today’s temperature is going to be around 16 to 19 degrees Celsius, with not much wind (well, for the Netherlands anyway). 

Most of us can expect to see some sun, though clouds are to be expected further inland. ⛅️

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“No dog weather on Animal Day”

It seems like meteorologists at Weerplaza served the weather with an extra dose of wit yesterday.

Indeed, tomorrow’s World Animal Day is going to be even more pleasant than today, with temperatures a degree higher. And, thankfully, the Dutch doggos won’t be getting wet this time! 🐕

Areas in the far northwest can expect some rain in the afternoon and evening, but things are likely to clear up before late evening — so you needn’t shelve those going-out plans! 💃🏻

And the warmest day of the week is…

Wednesday! 🥳

Hoping to have tapas on the terras this week? Wednesday’s your friend — with afternoon highs of 18 degrees Celsius in the northwest to 22 degrees Celsius in the south and east of the country.

You may need to pack that brolly as the day progresses, however, as some areas could expect a bit of rain.

Rain, rain, go away

Oh well, we knew it couldn’t last.

The latter half of the week is expected to get a bit cooler, with much stronger wind. Thursday and Friday will be cloudy, with a few brief showers.

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Temperatures will hover around 17 degrees Celsius, which is still rather mild for this time of year.

What do you think of late summer making a (very!) brief appearance? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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Liana Pereira
Liana Pereira
Primarily fuelled by cheese and lots (LOTS!) of coffee, Liana is a Burgher from sunny Sri Lanka that’s in the midst of wrapping up her linguistics degree. While writing will *always* have her heart, she also likes travelling, dogs, and heavy metal. As an observer of all things weirdly and wonderfully Dutch since 2018, she’s thrilled to have the ‘write’ opportunity to help others feel more at home here.


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