Jeff Bezos superyacht arrives in Rotterdam: no bridge dismantling needed

Mr. Amazon has yet again made his way to Rotterdam on his superyacht. This time, the Koningshaven (or De Hef) Bridge didn’t have to be dismantled for His Highness.

Earlier this year, Jeff Bezos caused an uproar in reaction to his dismantling of the Koningshaven Bridge. 🤦‍♀️

Why? Simply so he could fit his ultra-expensive superyacht while sailing to Rotterdam. And, as you can imagine, many people got rightfully angry at this.

While they didn’t end up dismantling it for Bezos, many residents made plans via a Facebook campaign to throw eggs at the ship if it did sail past the bridge. 🌉

However, the superyacht “Project Y721” managed to make its way to the port city without disrupting the bridge’s historical stature.

It did so by sailing from the construction site in Alblasserdam to Rotterdam via a different route and without its masts, writes the NOS.

No dismantling in site

Since 2017, De Hef Bridge, which had gone through renovations, had said that it would never be dismantled again. It is a national monument, after all, so it’s kind of what we expect. 🤷‍♂️

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De Hef Bridge was built in 1878 and finds its place in the maritime capital, so it’s a bit of an entitled suggestion to ask for it to be temporarily dismantled for your boat to pass through.

Now, the €430 million water vessel must drop its three 70-meter-high masts at the Greenport Rotterdam shipyard and sail into the North Sea without disrupting any bridges.

How do you feel about Bezos asking for the historical bridge to be temporarily dismantled? Tell us in the comments below!

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Lea Shamaa 🇺🇸🇱🇧
Lea Shamaa 🇺🇸🇱🇧
Lea has a passion for writing and sharing new ideas with the world. She enjoys film photography, Wes Anderson movies, fictional books and jazz music. She came to the Netherlands in 2019 for her media studies and has fallen in love with the country and its culture ever since. She loves to ride her bicycle in the city but also feels the need to overtake everyone on the bike lane (she's working on it).
  1. Bezos is the owner of the anti-American Washington Post … But … at least he worked for his money (and to his credit, tried to stop an even more radical gang of union thugs from organizing in his company). The “Do Gooders” who tried to keep Bezos from bringing his ship to Rotterdam were nothing more than EXTREME Lefties who strived to deny hundreds, if not thousands of workers from getting well paying jobs. Unemployed and underemployed people are the core of the ultra-radical Left.

    It’s not something I ever envisioned myself saying, but way to go Jeff!

  2. They should allowed it with the condition that he restores/paints whatever is needed thus saving taxpayers the cost in the future.

  3. What a load of nonsense. Bridges get dismantled and reconstructed regularly for large shipping.

    Storm in a teacup.

  4. Most of those who hate Bezos, still buy on Amazon. I’m very happy that this guy has become the “I do whatever I want, deal with it” type of rich, so that those bitter hypocrites can drown in their own jealousy.


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