Low-income Amsterdammers can get a laptop for just €20

Under a new initiative by digital learning centre Cybersoek, low-income residents of Amsterdam with a municipal discount card can get a laptop at quite the reduced price, reports ​​NU.nl

They can keep or return it after use; in the latter case, they get the money back. Talk about practical! 🙋🏻‍♀️

Futuristic food bank 💸

Similar to a food bank, the “Cyberbank” will open this Friday in Amsterdam East to help residents with their digital needs. 

Any old or new equipment can be donated by individuals, companies, and the municipality — while second-hand devices get repaired by young people at a distance from the labour market. 

Digital city 💻

Amsterdam is becoming an increasingly digital city and has been developing faster since the start of the pandemic. 

However, a digital divide is also developing between Amsterdammers who have access to the internet and technology, compared to others who don’t, according to alderman (municipal member) of Amsterdam, Touria Meliani. 

With the Cyberbank, Amsterdam hopes to bridge the gap and make the city a place for “digital self-reliance”. 

Where else would you like to see a cyberbank? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image: Christina Morillo/Pexels

Katrien Nivera 🇵🇭
Katrien Nivera 🇵🇭
Third culture kid Katrien is a Philippine native living in the Netherlands to finish her master's degree in political communication. You can usually find her trying to organize everything on Notion and the sticky notes app, otherwise, she’s nose-deep in a good book or obsessing over film soundtracks and video games.


  1. Hi, I am Ofelia Cayabyab, 65 years of age, I am going home to the Philippines any time now, and I would like to buy cheap laptops for the children in the Philippines. As you know, some people are hard up and cannot afford a laptop for their kids.


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