A man who was involved in a drunk driving crash last year in Huissen has walked free. This is because he has a syndrome that causes his body to produce its own alcohol. 

Following the accident in which he drove into two oncoming vehicles, the man claimed that he had not been drinking and had himself examined at the hospital. Experts discovered that he had auto-brewery syndrome, a disorder that causes the body to convert sugar to alcohol.

The man was found to have a blood alcohol level of almost five-times the maximum limit at 2.34. Luckily, the two cars he crashed into only suffered surface damage. No other drivers were injured.

Judges agree that he was not at fault

The man was accused of drunk driving, but given his diagnoses, it could not be determined whether or not the crash was actually caused by drinking. Both the public prosecutor and the police judge were in agreement that the man should not be charged, Omroep Gelderland reports.

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Feature Image: Artyom/Pexels


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