Monday, Heavy Snow and Traffic from Hell. It’s time for skip-a-day-of-work!

Oh, we really enjoyed the snowy weather in the Netherlands today. Good old fun on a Sunday! And the best news is that it isn’t over yet, there’s more snow coming tomorrow! Sadly, tomorrow is Monday and many of you might have to get on the road or take a train to go to work.

Serious winter weather problems on Monday

The winter weather will also lead to serious problems tomorrow. The road authority Rijkswaterstaat and the NS are warning for this. On the road, according to Rijkswaterstaat, it is “a very difficult day”: those who do not necessarily have to go the road are advised not to do so and possibly to work at home (better tag your boss immediately on Facebook with this message, thank us later).

Large problems are expected, especially later in the day since “There will be a new snow front tomorrow at the end of the morning,” says Jaap Folkerts from Rijkswaterstaat on NPO Radio 1. “It’s going to snow all day, maybe more than today, it’s going to be a very tough day on the road.” 

Trains will be canceled and delayed – it’s going to be brutal

The NS will adjust the timetable on the track again tomorrow. In most places the trains run every half an hour, instead of every fifteen minutes or every ten minutes. Especially during the evening rush hour the NS expects a lot of trouble for train passengers. The railway company advises travelers to view the travel planner shortly before departure. “The adjusted timetable can have consequences for the train journey, with possibly busier trains or extra transfers,” says NS.

Not the Netherlands:

Code yellow again

Where the biggest problems are going to occur is not yet clear. The KNMI has issued a yellow code for tomorrow. That yellow may be turned into orange tomorrow afternoon or evening because of slipperiness through (wet) snow. It seems that the most snow will fall in West-Brabant, across Utrecht, towards Overijssel. “At the end of the morning the rain starts to rain in the south and there is also some wet snow”, says weatherman Marco Verhoef. “In the afternoon that system expands over the rest of the country, and then you see in more and more places that the precipitation turns into snowfall again, and here and there again 5 to 10 centimeters can fall.”

Anyways, don’t forget to send in those beautiful snowy H0lland pics tomorrow! Like this one by Vincent Mullenders!

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And if you’re thinking that a snowy day in the Netherlands is crazy stuff, then wait till you see what we’ll do with NYE:

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