What? The Netherlands is dropping down the EU rankings for LGBTI+ rights

In a turn of events that feels very un-Dutch, the Netherlands has sunk another spot in the global ranking for LGBTI+ rights. 

In fact, according to the NOS,  the Netherlands now sits in fourteenth place on the Rainbow Europe Index, an index created by the non-governmental organisation for LGBTI+ rights. 

But why?

The tiny country’s standards aren’t declining per se, instead other countries are surpassing them on the list by improving their initiatives towards the cause.

For example, in the Netherlands, intersex babies are undergoing unnecessary gendering operations where the sex of the child is determined by either their parents or healthcare professionals. This often leads to psychological problems in the unsuspecting child.

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Secondly, researchers have reported through the Social and Cultural Planning Office that while there’s a law that criminalises insulting sexual orientation, there isn’t one in place that penalises those who insult one’s sexual identity and intersex people. 🤷

Additionally, the Council of State has ruled a negative vote for banning gay “conversion therapy” in the Netherlands as they believe a total ban would go against the freedom of religion.

Let’s be optimistic

While these revelations are of major concern though the Netherlands. The country continues to uphold its liberal and accepting nature, which is shown through fewer and fewer cases of discrimination against trans people.

What’s more? A new transgender law may soon allow someone to change their gender identity by simply booking an appointment at their local town hall. 

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Look, of course, being in fourteenth place means other countries rise above the Netherlands, such as Malta, which stays firmly in first place for the eighth year in a row. 🥳

But that also means many countries lie below it. Namely, in Turkey and Azerbaijan, where among other things, same-sex marriages are, unfortunately, a no-go.

The Netherlands certainly has progress to make. However, we here remain among the fortunate few who can be open about their sexuality and sexual identity — and that’s a win in our books. 

Let’s hope in the future, the country will continue to stride forward when it comes to LGBTI+ rights.  

What are your thoughts on their drop in ranking? Tell us in the comments below!

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Eva Gabriella
Eva Gabriella
After calling Malaysia her home for 19 years, Eva moved to Amsterdam to study literary and cultural analysis. Well, that was the academic theory — in reality it was more like “cultural shock.” Eva’s mastery of life in the Netherlands involved initiation into the richness of nocturnal hangouts, canals, cuisine, and upright and forthright cyclists (who she now rings her bell back at.) When she is not speeding her way through books, she is winding and weaving down endless straatjes, often finding herself, not so quite by chance, in a gezellig music bar!
  1. Any Rights, other than “Human Rights”, are Fascist, degrading and hateful. Black rights, white rights; gay rights, straight rights; trans rights, cis rights; If you start parceling out rights for individual groups, you will never be able to have enough rights for everybody mainly because every human being is different, and the only thing we all have in common is our humanity.

    Either we have rights for all people or we have no rights for anyone. That is of course, unless you believe that some people are less human than others.


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