Operation Portunus: police conduct huge cocaine raids in Zeeland

The Netherlands is no stranger to drugs, and that’s not just because weed is (somewhat) legal. 

Many other drugs find their way from abroad to the Netherlands, as part of the international drug trade. In the province of Zeeland, 30 police raids were conducted as part of a broader investigation of the cocaine trade, reports NU.

Operation Portunus

The operation has been dubbed “Operation Portunus” and 400 police offers were deployed during the task. The police confirmed that it was an exceptional situation due to the large-scale of the operation.

A spokesperson from the police told NU that “Today (Wednesday, ed.), We are mainly looking for information about and evidence from criminal networks involved in the importation of cocaine and its facilitation. It is highly organized crime. Because we do not want to take risks, we have the arrest teams deployed.”

The raids have since been completed, and searches will continue throughout the province of Zeeland. The towns targeted in the searches are Heinkenszand, Middelburg, Nieuwdorp and Goes. The port in Vlissingen is also a point of search for the police.

The police consider Operation Portunus as the first step in a broader collective action taken in order to better understand criminal links in ports and how to undermine them.

If you have any information about criminal activities in port areas, you can contact the Dutch police to give them leads that can help with the situation.

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Feature Image: DutchReview/Canva

Vlad Moca-Grama
Vlad Moca-Grama
Vlad was born and raised in Brasov, Romania and came to the Hague to study. When he isn't spending time missing mountains or complaining about the lack of urban exploration locations in the Netherlands, you can find him writing at Dutch Review.


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