A vicious attack on churchgoers in Nice, presumably by an Islamic extremist, has sent shockwaves through international news and the Dutch cabinet alike.

Prime Minister Rutte expressed his support to the French, saying, “Our thoughts go out to the next of kin. And we say to the French people: you are not alone in the fight against extremism. The Netherlands is beside you.”

Likewise, other members of cabinet were shocked by the violent incident, reports NOS. “Horrific! For the second time in a short time innocent civilians in France brutally butchered, this time at a church in Nice. This strengthens our determination in the fight against Islamic terrorism,” SGP leader Van der Staaij said.

“My mind dwells on the hatred and killer desire of this Islamic terrorist,” said Minister Kaag.


The killings in Nice come shortly after an attack on a French teacher who was beheaded earlier this month. The terrorist threat level is now on high alert in France, and President Macron has promised to tighten security against such extremism, reports BBC News.

The Netherlands stands with France in fighting this kind of terror, but Dutch politicians warn that such attacks could potentially happen in the Netherlands too. National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV) Pieter-Jaap Aaldersberg has emphasised the need for the Dutch to stay alert.

“Whatever your background, color or religion, let’s unite against this barbarism,” SP leader Marijnissen said.


Meanwhile, the attacks threaten to further polarize political debates on diversity in the Netherlands. PVV leader Wilders commented, “As long as we do not stop Islam and all violent Islamo fascists do not expel our country, these kinds of barbaric acts will continue to take place.”

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