Residents of Dutch town want to buy hotel to stop reception of asylum seekers

Locals of the Dutch village, Albergen, are looking to buy a hotel to stop the Dutch cabinet from letting heaps of asylum seekers in.

According to the NOS, the residents are strongly against the cabinet’s decision to bring between 150 to 300 asylum seekers into 27 rooms in the hotel — and are determined to buy the entire building.

The residents hung up signs around the hotel with messages that read, “keep Albergen clean,” and “what are you doing to our beautiful little village?”.

Locals seek a solution: protests

It’s said that the hotel was already sold to the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA). Dozens of locals are peacefully protesting around the hotel.

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“I don’t know if that is still possible. But if so, there are sufficient financial options among the residents to actually take over the hotel and give it another destination”, spokesperson, Hennie de Haan, tells RTV Oost.

“There was no other way”

According to De Haan, Albergen is not against asylum seekers and has welcomed them to stay in the hotel before. 

However, this time, the residents feel strongly opposed because the cabinet failed to ask for permission from their municipality before deciding to bring asylum seekers in.

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“It does not fit that the State Secretary just throws this over the fence,” says alderman, Bekhuis van Tubbergen. 

The State Secretary responded to the locals’ frustrations, saying that they had no other choice than to allow the asylum seekers in because the Netherlands is just so full, and there’s nowhere else for them to go.

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Gaelle Salem
Gaelle Salem
Born and raised on the island of Sint Maarten, Gaelle moved to the Netherlands in 2018 to attend university. Still trying to survive the erratic Dutch wind and rain, she has taken up the hobby of buying a new umbrella every month. You can probably find her in the centre of The Hague appreciating the Dutch architecture with a coffee in one hand and a slice of appeltaart in the other.


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