€10 million in firework damages fire up a Dutch security concern

The Netherlands had a costly NYE this year with €10 million in damages — so the 25 mayors of the Dutch Security Council are planning stern talks to the new cabinet about it.

While the Netherlands did introduce a fireworks ban for the NYE of 2021, the lack of its enforcement clearly didn’t help. The Dutch Association of Insurers estimates consumers damages to be approximately €10 million , reports RTL Nieuws.

Even worse, it doesn’t end with this big fat figure as this initial estimate doesn’t include medical costs, or damages to companies, schools, and nurseries — so stay tuned for a growing number. 😓

Apparently, Dutchies broke their own record this year where “more (illegal) fireworks were set off than last year when there was also a ban. The damage is similar to an average New Year’s Eve without a fireworks ban,” says the general manager of the Dutch Association of Insurers, Richard Weurding.

Future tactics

The chaos of this expensive NYE alarmed the mayors that form the Dutch Security Council according to NU.nl — a team that’s formed to deal with crises and disasters. ⚡

The concerns of the council revolve around how these heavy fireworks, such as cobras and mortar bombs, were, among others, being thrown at aid workers despite the existing ban and despite the government seizing more fireworks this year than ever.

Seeking the support of the new Dutch cabinet, the mayors are eyeing agreements with Belgium and Germany as well as an early and clear multi-year strategy to avoid firework-related disturbances. 

“Many types of ornamental fireworks are banned in the Netherlands, but they can be bought across the border. That makes the fireworks ban quite difficult to enforce, especially in the border region. We have to put an end to this,” the mayors say.

What do you think of the Security Council’s plan to avoid future firework damages in the Netherlands? Let us know in the comments!

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Farah Al Mazouni 🇸🇾 🇺🇸
Farah Al Mazouni 🇸🇾 🇺🇸
Farah believes she's been on many adventures during her millennial life, each for a different (sometimes invisible) purpose. The latest adventure whisked her away to Amsterdam for love, and what a magical surprise she found in this city. Armed with imaginary confetti in her pocket, and ready to celebrate all wins, big and small, Farah says "ahla w sahla" or “welcome” to her latest adventure in this wonderland.


  1. There is no cure for mental midgets, even the Dutch kind, who just want to destroy, create havoc and harm others. The government should take legal action against the manufacturers of those destructive fireworks, if they are located in the EU. Unfortunately, China is the largest manufacturer and exporter of fireworks in the world. The Dutch government should confiscate and ban the import of fireworks outside the EU. And the EU should take a united stand against illegal fireworks.

  2. I honestly don’t know what the hell has happened in the Netherlands. 2019 was the last time we where there and was so surprised that we saw support for Trump. It seems the Netherlands is going backwards instead of forward. We do fireworks here in the USA but not in the way the Netherlands has been doing them. And on that note the USA is also going backwards and it is becoming a scary place.

  3. I’ve seen many new year’s fireworks! Splendid work of art lighting up the sky, Done in appropriate places, not causing disturbance nor damages. But this last new year’s eve in Amsterdam, where you heard explosions and not fire art, it’s just noise and disturbance! Burning properties and causing terror to the most vulnerable is NOT acceptable!


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