Moving to The Hague? Your employer may soon have to guarantee housing before you arrive

The Hague wants things to change. 🏡

The number of expats in the Hague is rising. Now, the municipality wants employers to ensure expat workers have accommodation before moving there.

By deterring expats with such a requirement, the city hopes to prevent the housing market from becoming completely inaccessible for locals, the NRC reports.

According to Martijn Balster, the PvdA’s councillor for housing, “expats drive up prices and make housing unaffordable for middle and low income earners”.

Whether The Hague will actually succeed in implementing this new rule is yet to be seen. However, according to local politicians, it’s needed.

Catching up with Amsterdam

While it might be nice to be sandwiched between the seaside and lots of green space, it doesn’t leave much space for new homes in The Hague.

That’s partly why it’s the most densely populated city in the Netherlands. And out of 500,000 residents, around 70,000 are expats or migrant workers.

More and more investors are buying private homes in the city, which drives rent prices up. 📈

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Those who brave the high costs join a queue of 175,000 others also hoping to make the Hague their home.

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That’s why the municipality wants to take action to stem the flow of expats moving there.

Awaiting trial results

The Hague is not alone in wanting such a rule to be brought in.

In fact, the obligation was trialled in Rotterdam last year, and the results will soon be presented to outgoing Social Affairs Minister Karien van Gennip.

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In the meantime, the municipality wants to focus on making the most of the city’s limited space by combatting vacancy and gaining control over the private ownership market.

Let’s wait and see what happens. 👀

What do you think of the Hague’s potential new requirement for expats? Let us know in the comments below.

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Lottie Gale 🇬🇧
Lottie Gale 🇬🇧
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