Is this desk and chair combo the ultimate Dutch home office setup? [Flexispot E7 Pro and BS12 Pro Review]

Put to the test πŸ’ͺ

Like many in the Netherlands, I spend a lot of my working hours working from home.

However, I too often find myself hunched over my dining table, cramping at a too-small desk, or shifting awkwardly at my kitchen counter.

So when the chance came to review Flexispot’s E7 Pro Standing Desk and BS12 Pro Ergonomic Chair, I (and my back) said, “Hell yes.”

Firstly, can we appreciate how sleek it looks? Image: Samantha Dixon

I’ll disclose here that I was gifted these items in return for my unbiased review: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The lowdown on the E7 Pro

Flexispot’s E7 Pro is one in a formidable line-up of standing desks. The website boasts that it:

  • is aesthetic (I can’t deny this one) with C-shaped legs that allow plenty of leg space
  • includes a magnetic, hidden cable organiser that installs in one second
  • contains an improved motor, with a load capacity of 160 kilograms and an anti-collision system
  • has an LED screen with four preset heights and a USB charger

So did it live up the the claims? Let’s take a look.

🚨 Sale alert: The E7 Pro is currently a whopping €200 off as part of Flexispot’s Brand Day sale β€” and 20 people will win back the price of their entire purchase! Use the coupon code BDE7P. Sale ends May 17, 2024.

It’s aesthetic, for sure

While ordering, I was given the option on the website to choose the desk’s frame (white or black), the material and colour of the desktop, and finally, the size.

Wanting to keep my apartment light and airy, I chose white legs and a bamboo benchtop β€” and what a choice.

The legs are heavy-duty metal, which means they’re a little heavy but incredibly solid. Combined with the bamboo top, which is smooth, natural-looking, and a definite vibe, I was happy. The bamboo detailing on the edge is a really nice touch.

The finishes are smooth, and the coffee cups leave no stains β€” what a win. Image: Samantha Dixon

I chose the 140×80 centimetre option because I wanted some space to spread out. To be honest, for my little office space, I could have gone smaller β€” but hey, I’ve got desktop for days, and my empty coffee cups love to spread out.

The magnetic cable organiser is the bomb

I’m a fan of pretending that everything, including literal cable chargers, are wireless β€” so tucking them away in the cable organiser was a natural fit.

The cable organiser can be installed facing either way. Image: Samantha Dixon

The organiser also lives up to the claim that it installs in one second. I know, because I accidentally kicked it off at one point and was tasked with putting it back.

The motor leaves nothing to be desired

I’m a regular user, not a standing desk expert: but I can say that I would ask nothing more from a standing desk.

I’ve previously tested desks that are manual with a handle you have to crank to go up and down. Let me tell you, this desk is a breeze.

You can pile up to 160 kilos on this thing, so obviously, I had to climb on board. Image: Samantha Dixon

The motor is incredibly quiet, runs smoothly, and is fast enough that you don’t get bored and have to put on TikTok while you wait.

And does the anti-collision work? You betcha. When I bumped the desk up against my windowsill and pushed the Up button, as soon as it hit an immovable surface, it stopped in a second (with a little jolt, but hey, it stopped!).

The controls are easy to use

Finally, the controls. I was really impressed at how responsive they are. There are seven touch buttons: Up, Down, Sit, Stand, Preset 1, Preset 2, and Memory (M). The exact height is shown on an LED display.

While the controls initially look a bit confusing, they’re unexpectedly simple to set and use. Image: Samantha Dixon

It took me two clicks to save my favourite heights by clicking “Memory” and then the preset I wanted to save it to. From there, it was just one click of the preset for the desk to rise or lower to my favourite spot.

Delivery and installation

The desk was delivered by a courier and, through pure luck, they were ridiculously friendly. They even waited while I biked frantically to receive the parcel. These results aren’t typical, but shout-out to my delivery driver, what a smile.

I’ll admit that I pawned off installation to my father-in-law, so I asked him for his thoughts on the process. Here’s what he said:

“Het is makkelijk,” (It’s easy), he said, as a man of few words. When pressed, he expanded:

“All the tools were included, I could understand the instructions, and it took about half an hour to put together.”

I highly recommend making it in the room you are going to use it in. It was heavy to shuffle around the house and a bit awkward to fit through doorways, but at least it was a good workout.

The chair, give them the chair!

In a separate package came potentially the best desk chair I have ever used (and again, I’ve promised an unbiased review and am sticking to that).

The BS12 Pro Ergonomic Desk Chair looks like something a villain would sit on β€” a villain that cares about their spine health.

Basically a La-Z-Boy. Image: Samantha Dixon

This chair features height, back angle, and seat depth adjustment. The armrests can be adjusted up and down, backwards and forwards, or pivot inwards and outwards.

It’s a dream to sit on, my only gripe is that I wish it came in more colours. It’s currently available in grey or black, but hey, villains can’t be choosy.

🚨 Get it cheap: Save €200 on the BS12 Pro with the coupon code BDBS12P until May 17, 2024.

Have you tried a standing desk or ergonomic chair you love? Share it in the comments below!

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Samantha Dixon πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί
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Like many in the Netherlands, I spend a lot of my working hours working from home. However, I too often find myself hunched over my dining table, cramping at a too-small desk, or shifting awkwardly at my kitchen counter. So when the chance came...Is this desk and chair combo the ultimate Dutch home office setup? [Flexispot E7 Pro and BS12 Pro Review]