Proof of vaccination without having the shot? New form of vaccine fraud in the Netherlands

GGDs have become aware of a new form of vaccine fraud, where people try to obtain a vaccination certificate without actually having the shot — by slipping out of the queue. Several GGDs have implemented new measures to prevent this.

De Volkskrant reports that at various GGDs across the country, employees have caught numerous people trying to get out of having the jab. After being registered in the system and receiving their orange vaccination certificate, people in the queue suddenly “need the toilet” or just outright make a run for it with a vaccination card in hand.

Fraudsters are slipping through the cracks

The health service assumes that this has happened more often. According to a spokesperson from the GGD, this is also believed to have been an issue in the Bible belt (from Zeeland to parts of Overijssel), where “people who are against vaccination in principle tried to obtain a vaccination certificate this way.”  

A spokesperson from the GGD region of Utrecht says that “we have examined our entire process to see whether it is watertight, and we have set up extra supervision to prevent people from leaving the line unnoticed.”

New measures in place to prevent this

Several GGDs have implemented new measures to ensure that people who have been registered in the system cannot slip away unnoticed — nice try though.

At many vaccination sites, people will now only receive their vaccination certificate after they have been jabbed — hope the vaccine dodgers get the memo about this. In addition, the queues have now been set up in such a way that it’s impossible to slip out unnoticed.

Role reversal

While vaccination fraud initially revolved around people jumping into the queue ahead of their turn, it’s now the other way round, with people bombing out — after getting that all-important orange piece of paper that is.

Vaccination certificates have become a hot ticket as they enable you to travel, without having to been tested for coronavirus.

We do wonder how many happy-go-lucky, vaccine dodging hopefuls couldn’t make it out in time and ended up with the shot in the arm anyway.

What are your thoughts on this new form of vaccine fraud? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image: SSilver/Depositphotos

Jen Lorimer 🇿🇼
Jen Lorimer 🇿🇼
An avid tea drinker, Jen was born and raised in Zimbabwe. She moved to Utrecht in 2017 to pursue her history degree. She loves people-watching, canoeing the Utrecht canals, and observing how the Dutch come alive in summer. Having been traumatised by a Dutch circle party, Jen wants to help equip other internationals with tips and tricks to survive and thrive in this wonderful flat country.


  1. We are so Thankfully to our Muppet Government They make everything soooo easy…
    Well, it just correct to say ‘Stupid Is As Stupid Does’.
    By the By I am from the Muppet Country called The Netherland, where logic seems to vanished in to an abyss and we have no idea how to find the abyss. l:-)L
    I wanna close my comments with: ignorance is bliss…

    • Totally agree!!! It doesn’t take a child to know that you only get your vaccination card AFTER taking the jab!


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