We’re already midway through summer and while we expecting hot, sunny days, we get rewarded instead with a regular Dutch summer.

This July has so far been quite rainy and chilly, without any notable hot days. Can we expect to finally get more sun and heat by the end of the month?

Well, not particularly. According to Weerplaza, the rest of the month of July will be a regular Dutch affair. There will be wind and plenty of showers. Nevertheless, there will still be enough dry moments throughout the days.

The good news is that today will be quite a sunny and dry day throughout the Netherlands. Friday onwards, however, expect to be greeted by wind and some showers. This will extend throughout the weekend as well, owing to a low-pressure area.

From July 27 to August 2, the weather will be cooler than usual for this period of time. Low-pressure areas are to be blamed again, as they will cause volatile and rainy weather.

Throughout the rest of August, the weather will stabilize to normal levels. The weather will become drier again, so if you want to go on a local vacation in the Netherlands, mid-August is your best bet for fine weather!

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Feature Image: Pexels/Pixabay




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