If it feels like the hottest day ever in the Netherlands, well, we can confirm that it truly is as we’ve just got this push-notification that 39,1 degrees was measured in the town of ‘Gilze en Reijen’. Making July 24 2019 the warmest day ever in the Netherlands since they actually started keeping count.

It took a whole lot of complaining about the Dutch summer, climate-change and a bucketload of articles about this heatwave in the Netherlands from this website. But here we are, a new temperature record for the Netherlands! And historical fame for the town of Gilze en Reijen, of which we know nothing else besides now holding the national record for the highest temperature ever measured in the Netherlands.

Yesterday was already the warmest July 23 ever measured in the Netherlands, record after record for the weather in the Netherlands.

The old record dated back to 1944 and was 38,6 degrees and measured in Warnsveld (Gelderland).

More temperature records tomorrow in the Netherlands

It’s going to be a short lifespan for this new record though, as temperatures are about to get more extreme tomorrow. We might see the thermometer go beyond the magical ‘40 degrees‘ on Thursday July 25.


What to do now with this heatwave in the Netherlands?

Obviously, it’s okay to ditch work now and go to a beach in the Netherlands. Surely your boss will understand. If not, try to work from home – and at least make sure that you’re drinking water, don’t get stuck in the train or get stressed out.

Looking forward to tomorrow, when it’s my day off and other people are online for DutchReview (sorry!) and can write about new record temperatures in the Netherlands.


  1. Do anyone keep track of “highest number of wet days in a row”? Because it looks like we are breaking every kind of record.


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