So we’re all inside celebrating King’s Day 2020 and you just know this news is going to come up on your timeline: it’s the warmest King’s Day ever! (-ish)

At around 12.45 pm it was 18.2 degrees in De Bilt, later in the afternoon the temperature there went above and beyond the 20 degrees reported RTL news.

On average, it’s about 15 around this time of year. But there have also been King’s Days in recent years when it was not even 11 degrees and most of these royal holidays were with loads of rain as well. Probably all the King’s Days since you came to this weird-weather-country.

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Totally saw this one coming 😂🤣😭 #isolation #quarantine #coronavirus

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The previous record, set in 2014, was at 17.6 degrees, and that was sort of a cheatday: this was when we celebrated King’s Day on April 26, because the 27th was a Sunday. And then there was, of course, Queen’s Day, which it was called during the reign of Queen Beatrix (ending in 2013) and her predecessors. It was almost 27 degrees in 1993!

Here comes the rain

If you have a chance to trip to gardonia or balconia, do so. Because after today the warm weather will be gone and rain makes a comeback. It is unclear how long it will take after today before we can enjoy the sun again.

How are you enjoying your King’s Day? Let us know in the comments!


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