9 top escape rooms in Amsterdam to put your detective hat on (in English!) 

If you like detective novels, puzzle-solving, and adventure stories, you’ll love a good Amsterdam escape room. 

Finding clues, reading between the lines, and thinking outside of the box, that’s what escape rooms are all about. 

Escape rooms are the ideal experience if you’re visiting Amsterdam during the rainy season, or if you just want to put your detective hat on and get those brain cells churning. Elementary, my dear Watson! 🔎

We tested and chose these escape rooms based on reputability, user ranking and awards they’ve won. 🏆 Let’s unlock some secrets, shall we? 

1. Locked Amsterdam: the Soviet mystery a journalist must solve

What clues did this journalist leave behind in his office? Image: Depositphotos

Locked has two Amsterdam escape rooms on offer and gets extra points for being connected through a masterfully crafted storyline — and a Soviet submarine might just be the key to it all. 🗝 Here’s what they’re about!   

🗝 The Submarine

Journalist Hugo Laanen is following a hot lead on a Russian submarine that went missing 20 years ago during the Cold War while carrying a dangerous nuclear load — and which is yet to be found.

But then, Hugo disappears! It’s up to you to find him. You start your investigation in his office in Amsterdam Houthavens, but you’ll end it in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Thrilling! 

🗝 The Liebermann Conspiracy 

Hugo is back. However, whatever he revealed about the Russian submarine got him into deep trouble. 

The brave journalist is in exile (potentially hiding from the Russian secret services) but he’s onto a new story and will need your help!

The powerful Liebermann group is up to some dark and twisted trickery. Hugo needs you to break into their headquarters and find out what they’re up to! 

📌 Where: Nieuwe Hemweg 8, 1013 BG, Amsterdam
♖  Players: 2 to 6
⏰ Time: 90 min

2. Sherlocked: the award-winning experience that’ll blow your mind

An ancient secret is well secured down in The Vault. Image: Sherlocked/Supplied

Sherlocked is on a mission to make the world just a tiny bit more magical. ✨ These guys and their escape rooms have a number of prizes under their belt — and for good reason!

Located in the historical Beurs van Berlage, a historical Amsterdam building, their two escape rooms offer more than a simple lock-and-key puzzle. The keyword is ‘immersive’: you’re not just playing an adventure, you’re living it. 

🗝 The Architect

You’ve been called upon to investigate what appears to be the office of Dutch architect H.P. Berlage — but who was truly a member of the Society of the Crossed Keys, a cryptic group of leaders and intellectuals believed to be in the possession of some of the world’s best-kept secrets. 

To add to the mystery, since Berlage’s death in 1934 the Society suddenly vanished without a trace — until now. Are you prepared to peel back the layers of this secret and uncover the clues in the architect’s office?

🗝 The Vault 

You’re planning a heist. Yes, you. Get your team together, because you’ve got a job to do. 

A mysterious object is waiting for you in the Vault. This is not a classic escape room experience, but a thrilling mission that’ll have you sweet-talk guards, crawl through tight spaces and think quick. 

Curious? We were too! Our team turned from content writers into highly-skilled thieves for a day and tried it out! 

📌 Where: Damrak 247, 1012 ZJ, Amsterdam
♖  Players: 2 to 6
⏰ Time: 60-80 min

3. Questomatica: the tech-savvy riddles that gamers will love

Ever thought of entering the world of 90s arcade games? Image: Depositphotos

If it’s your ultimate dream to enter a video game in real life, then Questomatica and their escape rooms open up portals that’ll transport you straight into pixel land. 👾

Through the clever use of light and technology, Questomatica fuses non-digital and virtual reality into real-life gaming experiences. This company has collected over 1,000 reviews on Tripadvisor  — and more than 900 indicate a five-star ranking!

🗝 Arcade Invasion

Loved playing Pac-Man and Snake in the 90s? Well, then this experience is a dream come true.

Fight two-dimensional pixelated enemies with laser guns, open brick question boxes (Mario says, hi), and puzzle yourself out of this computerised reality! 

Especially for the more seasoned escape room cracks amongst you, this is definitely an experience worth checking out.

🗝 Wake Up!

Are you living the dream? Well, at least for this experience you are. Questomatica allows you to dive straight into the dreamworld of Matilda.

Matilda is usually a happy and cheerful girl, but her dreams of this particular night are filled with illusions, puzzles, and warped realities. Can you help her wake up?

📌 Where: Foeliestraat 16, 1011TM, Amsterdam
♖  Players: 2 to 6
⏰ Time: 60 to min

4. Logic Locks: the time capsule for daring explorers and brave adventurers

Logic Locks has quite the name amongst Amsterdam escape rooms. They’ve got two award-winning experiences that immerse you entirely into their respective worlds because of their stunning attention to detail, lifelike props, and intricate storylines. 

🗝 The Amsterdam Catacombs

This escape room is not for the faint-hearted. But if you’re a true-and-tested horror fan or fearless adventurer, then you’ve met your match.

Logic Locks specifically has a disclaimer for this room, warning players that you must be “mentally stable and physically fit” to enjoy this experience! 

This adventure will lead you deep into the catacombs of the historic Posthoornkerk, a church located in the city centre. In order to escape the claws of the Amsterdam underground, you’ll have to face some of your biggest fears… ☠️ Are you ready?

📌 Where: Haarlemmerstraat 124-126, 1013 EN, Amsterdam
♖  Players: 2 to 6
⏰ Time: 90 min 

🗝 The Secrets of Eliza’s Heart 

Elizabeth Lionheart — explorer, temptress, and illuminary — went missing at the beginning of the 20th century. Now, you’ve been called upon to uncover the mystery of her disappearance.

Magic, mysticism and the occult weave through the storyline in this charming escape room adventure. Our team gave it a go — and oh boy do we have a story to tell you. 

📌 Where: Ferdinand Huyckstraat 28, 1061 HW, Amsterdam
♖  Players: 2 to 7
⏰ Time: 60 min 

5. Escape World: the multiverse amongst the escape rooms 

It’s getting spooky up in here! Image: Depositphotos

Escape World is a larger-scale company that also offers escape rooms in the Dutch cities Hoofddorp, Tilburg, and Zoetermeer.

Their Amsterdam headquarters offer not one, not two, but a total of five different escape room adventures! And there really is something for everyone. 

From spooky to the fantastic or historical, Escape World has on offer: 

  • 🗝 Cabin in the Woods: isolated in a deep, dark forest you’re noticing that your shelter for the night is in the grip of mysterious forces…
  • 🗝 The Chocolate Factory: break into the factory and steal the recipe for the best chocolate ever made. 
  • 🗝 The Missing Bridge: slip into the role of a police officer and find a bride that went missing after a bomb explodes just before the wedding vows. 
  • 🗝 The Flying Dutchman: flee from the ghostly ship before you turn into an undead member of the cursed pirate captain’s crew!
  • 🗝 Midnight Magic: your evil professor has taken your magic wands, but you and your fellow wizard friends are determined to steal them back. 

📌 Where: Houtkopersdwarsstraat 3, 1011 NK, Amsterdam 
♖  Players: 2 to 6
⏰ Time: 60 min 

6. Xitrooms: the mad scientist that left you his secrets

Watch out, it’ss explode any second! Image: Depositphotos

Xitrooms claim to have the first-ever escape room in the Netherlands. While we can’t tell you if it’s true or not, we can confirm their offering is top-notch.

Xitrooms offer a classic lock-and-key puzzle for both of their escape rooms. Great for beginners!

🗝 Professor X

You’re trapped in the science lab of a mad professor and you gotta get out! His twisted, genius mind has left many riddles and clues for you behind to solve. 

One question remains: what is the result of his madness and what will actually help you escape?

🗝 Madam X

You’re on a mission: cracking a safe that holds a 69-carat diamond. 

But here’s the catch: the diamond belongs to the oldest sister of Professor X and she’s asked her brilliant brother to build the safe. 

Will you be able to outsmart the professor and crack the code?

📌 Where: Prins Hendrikkade 135, 1011 AR, Amsterdam
♖  Players: 2 to 6
⏰ Time: 60 min 

7. Escapist: the ideal escape room for art lovers

If you like art, sophisticated puzzles and a good challenge, then Escapist has an Amsterdam escape room in store for you that’ll have you guessing until the very end!

🗝 The Gallery is a state-of-the-art escape room that builds upon a totally unique storyline: an unknown art dealer, a never-seen-before collection, and an art gallery that isn’t quite what it seems…

📌 Where: Leidsegracht 108, 1016 CT, Amsterdam
♖  Players: 2 to 6
⏰ Time: 60 min 

8. My Escape Club: the ultimate place for Sci-Fi lovers

Welcome to the world of Steampunk, dear traveller. Image: Depositphotos

Dystopian worlds, secret societies, and rusty time machines. My Escape Club has built three unique Amsterdam escape rooms that’ll tickle the fancy of every fantasy and sci-fi lover. 

  • 🗝 Judgement Day: in a dystopian future, humanity is about to lose the war against deadly machines, but a bunker might hold the weapon that’ll save us all. 
  • 🗝 The Curse: a mansion in Amsterdam is supposedly haunted by the remnants of dark magic and the ghosts of its past — are you brave enough to find out if this is true?
  • 🗝 Steampunk Adventure: a time machine transports you back to the Steampunk World but will you be able to leave this parallel universe? 

My Escape Club also offers VR experiences and real-life action games that reach far beyond the traditional escape room adventure. An added plus: all experiences come with some of the cheapest prices on the list!

📌 Where: Weteringschans 187A HS, 1017 XE, Amsterdam
♖  Players: 2 to 7
⏰ Time: 75 min 

9. Game Over: the dream-come-true of every movie fanatic

What’s hiding deep inside the Aztec temple? Image: Depositphotos

Last, but very much not least, Game Over is coming at you with six fantastical escape rooms that are heavily inspired by popular TV shows and movies. 

Ever wanted to explore a cursed temple-like Indiana Jones? Plot a heist like the crew of Netflix classic La Casa De Papel? Or test your survival skills in a setting inspired by the Walking Dead? Game Over is where it’s at. 

  • 🗝 The House Next Door: enter a haunted house from which no one has ever returned and summon its demons.
  • 🗝 La Misión del Profesor: you thought your planned heist was bulletproof — but then the safe doors close and you’re put to a brutal test. 
  • 🗝 Maniac: I want to play a game: you’ve fallen into the hands of the maniac Jigsaw and you can only survive if you escape his twisted game.
  • 🗝 Forbidden Temple of Montezuma: the mystery disappearance of an Archeology professor leads you deep inside an Aztec temple. 
  • 🗝 Top Secret: you’ve been smuggled into the parliament’s building to complete a top secret service mission in under 60 minutes. 
  • 🗝 Walking Death: as one of the last remaining survivors, you’re trying to establish a safe settlement in a post-apocalyptic and zombie-invested world. 

📌 Where: Witte de Withstraat 180, 1057 ZL, Amsterdam
♖  Players: 2 to 7
⏰ Time: 60-90 min 


These escape rooms are for all our explorers, code crackers, and mavericks in Amsterdam.

We hope these Amsterdam escape rooms will add a bit of adventure and a sprinkle of magic to make your stay in the city as unforgettable as possible. ✨

Did you try one of the Amsterdam escape rooms on the list? Share your experience in the comments below!

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Cara Räker 🇩🇪
Cara Räker 🇩🇪
Cara moved to the Netherlands at fifteen and she is here to stay! After all, there is so much to love about it, except maybe the bread (as every German will tell you). Next to finishing up her bachelor's degree in European politics (dry), Cara loves to do yoga, swim, and cook delicious veggie food.

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