Dutch tulip season: where to see the best tulip fields in the Netherlands in 2024

Smell the flowers 💐

It’s finally here: tulip season in the Netherlands, that time of year when you see fields full of these beautiful flowers all across Holland. But where to best see them?

There are some stunning spots to see the tulips between Amsterdam and Leiden — but these aren’t the only places to view these gorgeous flowers.

With the weather brightening up, spring is the perfect time to get out of the house and take in the Dutch landscape. The Netherlands boasts a range of floral delights, including the famous Dutch tulip and an array of cherry blossoms. 🌸

There are tons of top locations, but these are the best tulip fields in the Netherlands!

Amsterdam Tulip Festival

The Tulip Festival has planted a tulip for everyone in Amsterdam. It’s truly a sight to behold!

The tulip festival began in January at Dam Square. “A tulip for every Amsterdammer” is their motto, after planting 25,000 tulips in November ready for spring. In the coming weeks, people across the Netherlands will marvel at the simple beauty of the tulip.

Now, the tulip festival can be enjoyed in Amsterdam in over 85 locations, and blooming flowers can be admired in various public areas of the city, in the gardens of museums and hotels, and by notable buildings.

The blooming period of tulips in the Netherlands is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. Usually, there are flower parades, markets, as well as long fields of flowers, and you can ride your bike around the city to see it all.

One thing’s for sure: there will be tulips everywhere. 🌷

What a beautiful and colourful sight with tulip season! Image: Freepik

Where can I find tulips near Amsterdam?

So, where can you find the most beautiful assortment of tulips during the 2024 tulip season?

All the public displays in Amsterdam are free to enjoy, for some museum gardens, ticket pricing applies. Besides that, there are various gardens, parades, and fields that let you admire the flowers in all their glory.

De Keukenhof: the Netherlands’ most famous tulip gardens

This is the place a lot of people choose to visit for good reason: it’s massive, and there are many separate events to check out once you make the short trip to the outskirts of Amsterdam.

The most popular tulip field is Keukenhof, a large flower garden and park located in Lisse, truly a sight to behold!

The park is open between 8 AM and 7:30 PM, and you can expect to pay €19.50 for adults and €9 for children from the age of four, while kids under three can enjoy the park gratis.

Stunning! Image: Depositphotos

Keukenhof Flower Parade: tulips on wheels

The Keukenhof Flower Parade (“Bloemencorso Bollenstreek”) has floats adorned with arrangements of Hyacinths, daffodils, and of course, tulips. This year, it will be held on Saturday, April 20.

The festivities take place just outside of Amsterdam, and the flower parade rides from the seaside town of Noordwijk via Lisse to the historic city of Haarlem.

It’s truly a sight to see, and each year, more than a million visitors from all over the world enjoy the parade.

Where to see tulips outside of the capital?

Don’t live near Amsterdam and don’t feel like making the trip to Keukenhof? We feel you.

So, other than the capital, where else can you find tulips in the Netherlands?

Noordoostpolder: escape the crowds

Noordoostpolder is located north of Amsterdam and is one of the Netherlands’ biggest tulip areas.

It’s a family favourite and there’s even a driving and cycling route you can take to enjoy the best views! There’s also a plucking field specifically for taking some keepsakes home with you. 

This particular part of the country has Dutch agriculture at its heart. It houses the majority of tulip fields in the Netherlands, with over 1,000 hectares just dedicated to growing them.

You can reach the Noordoostpolder by car, being just over an hour’s drive from Amsterdam or Utrecht.

Look at those colourful beds of yellow and red tulips in Noordoostpolder! Image: Freepik

Zeeland aka “Zeeuws-Vlaanderen”

This is tulip-hotspot is popular for those who are looking for a nice day trip from Antwerp. The fields here are a bit smaller, but they’re also closer together, meaning you’ll feel truly surrounded by tulips.

One of the lesser-known beauties of the Netherlands, these fields are for those that are looking to go off the beaten track — after all, a little adventure never hurt anyone.

The best spots to look are around the villages of Nieuw-Namen, Clinge, Koewacht, Graauw (near the Liniedijk), Lamswaarde and Absdale. 

The Bulb Region near Leiden

This is where most people go if they want to see tulips in the Netherlands. Heck, it’s the tulip fields where our video plays out:

The tulips of Noord Holland and West Friesland

As you can tell, most of the Dutch tulip fields seem to be located in the west of the country — but why? Well, the secret is in the soil.

In Noord-Holland, you’ll be able to breathe in the fresh country air and clear your mind at Andijk, Enkhuizen or Bovenkarspel, with a huge array of tulip fields.

West Friesland, which rests at the top of Noord-Holland, is also home to thousands of stunning bulbs. Kop van Noord-Holland, for example, can be reached by jumping on an inter-city train, it’s about an hour’s journey from Amsterdam.

Remember, some events are ticketed, so make sure to check the websites before making the trip. Now go forth, and smell the flowers!

Know any other spots to see the tulips in the Netherlands? Tell us in the comments below!

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