XTC and Cocaine residue in Amsterdam’s waters: Highest in Europe

Cocaine and met-amphetamines residues found in record amounts in Dutch cities

The future of drugs in The Netherlands continues to be under scrutinizing eyes. Although one can enjoy a joint in a coffee shop, some drugs are strictly illegal. However, the illegal trafficking of certain drugs continues to be an issue in Holland. The problem is such, that a recent report called The Netherlands a ‘narco-state’.

Record amounts of cocaine and methamphetamines were found in Amsterdam’s and Eindhoven’s sewer waters. This can mean that these drugs are found in residues or are being dumped. Either way, it shows that there is an increase in the presence of these drugs.

Amsterdam’s sewer waters: European record holders

Research done by European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drugs Addiction reveals that Amsterdam’s sewer water has the highest concentration of ecstasy residues.

How I picture Amsterdamers after reading the report’s findings

The organisation does this study every year since 2011. The analysis also shows that cocaine residues are the highest in Western European sewer waters. The level of ecstasy and met-amphetamines has increased in Amsterdam’s and Eindhoven’s waters.

Amsterdam’s sewer waters: Dutch-level record holders

Amsterdam’s sewer waters have record amounts of cocaine. Professor Pim De Voogt conducts research on this issue every year.

De Voogt conducts research on drug traces in sewer systems for Utrecht, Amsterdam and Eindhoven. In 7 years, Amsterdam has lead ahead of the other two years. Eindhoven in particular, continues to hold the record on met-amphetamines residues. De Voogt’s report indicates that this is due to the high amounts of speed produced in Eindhoven.

Drugs in The Netherlands: What about the future?

News about the illegal trafficking of drugs in Holland continues to pop-up. Some think that the famous Dutch tolerance policy is showing kinks in its armour. What’s more, the possibility of drug trafficking getting out of hand continue to be more evident in this sort of news.

What do you think of the drug problem in The Netherlands? Let us know in the comment section below.

Renan Alejandro Salvador Lozano Cuervo
Renan Alejandro Salvador Lozano Cuervo
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  1. How much does this tell us about the drug users. Amsterdam also has the most tourists. And for many this is the reason they come to Amsterdam in the first place.
    It would be useful to find out how the drug use of Dutch residents is. That tells us more about how successful (or not) the drug policies are for the Dutch population.


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