What’s there to see in Groningen? 5 free things to do in Groningen

Out of money, but looking for some amazing things to do in Groningen? Well you’re in luck! Read on for five great things you can see in Groningen without spending a single euro. 

If you live in Groningen, the city with the youngest population in the Netherlands (over 17% are 20-25 years old), chances are that you are a student. And with that comes the second big chance… of being broke, what with paying for crazy and unnecessary things such as a roof over your head and food.

So what if you want to explore this beautiful city without spending any money? Well here’s a list of 5 free things to do in Groningen!

#1 Free things to do in Groningen: University Museum

If you want to learn more about the one institution that moulded this city in what it is today, you shouldn’t miss the University Museum! If you have a strong stomach, there is also an impressive Anatomy collection.

Image result for universiteitsmuseum groningen

#2 Free things to do in Groningen: Prinsentuin

An incredibly quiet spot smacked right in the city center, this Renaissance garden has wonderful flowers and beautiful landscaping all year round. Bring a book, come here and feel like you’re a prince(ss) and this is your own private garden.

Image result for prinsentuin groningen
Prinsestuin in Groningen is the perfect, free place to relax. Image: Hardscarf/Wikimedia Commons

#3 Free things to do in Groningen: explore the city architecture

If it’s a nice sunny day, just wander around the city and admire the surprising mix of modern and gothic architecture. The are several POIs, such as the Martinitower and adjacent church, the Aa-kerk, the synagogue, the eclectic Groninger Museum, and even the station is a work of art.

Image result for station groningen
The inside of the “cathedral for wheels” that is Groningen Centraal. Image: Flickr/ CC Bert Kaufmann

Speaking of the station, in the square in front of it you can spot Groningen’s most famous statue: het Peerd van ome Loeks. The white statue, depicting a (quite fat) horse and its owner, was created in 1959 and refers to the popular Groningen folk song “Het peerd van ome Loeks is dood” (uncle Loeks’ horse died).

#4 Free things to do in Groningen: see the colored houses (Reitdiephaven)

By far the most Instagrammable place in Groningen, this cute little harbour and the lined up coloured houses are just at a 15 minute bike ride from the city center. (However, apart from taking nice pictures there’s not much to do here)

Image result for ridingdiephaven

#5 Free things to do in Groningen: take a cycling route

If you dare going beyond the city, the province of Groningen offers some of the greenest and most varied scenery in the whole country, and is a joy to explore on two wheels.

For some amazing cycling experiences, check out the Hondsrug cycling route (44 km), the ‘Kiek over Diek’ cycling route (90 km) and the Lauwersmeer cycling route (43 km).

And if after seeing everything you get a little hungry, we have some delectably delicious suggestions for you!

Do you have any more suggestions? Write your favorite free things in Groningen in the comments!

Feature Image: Wikimedia/Bert Kaufmann

Aurora Signorazzi
Aurora comes from the majestic Italian capital, and is working on her PhD in virology at the University of Groningen. She has been living in the Netherlands for four years and is by now familiar with many Dutch habits... But still finds plenty of reasons to be pleasantly amazed (most of the time) by this industrious country and its brutally honest inhabitants!


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