Exploring the nature in Tilburg, not on your list? Let me change your mind!

Tilburg can get past most people’s radar because…well, I don’t know. I’ve been there, and it is a positively charming city. It isn’t typically Dutch, you should not go expecting long winding canals to walk along. But you know for what you should definitely visit the sixth city of the Netherlands? Its nature and luscious green scenery.

The city of Tilburg has a lot to offer in terms of culture, art and music, but it is also one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands. You can explore and hike through the breathtaking nature, and just get connected with the world around you again.

Let’s start with a location that’s located in a beautiful area, has some old and grand buildings and -yes yes- serves you some of the best beer of the world.

1Abdij de Koningshoeven

Photo credits: Hanslenting/wiki commons

This monastery is located inside of the Moerenburg – Koningshoeven Landscape Park and is a must for any La Trappe Trappist beer lover. This was built in the late 19th century by trappist monks, and has a really interesting history.

At the end of the 19th century, a small group of Trappist monks fled from France to Berkel-Enschot. Here they found a piece of heather with a few hooves and a sheepfold. They embraced this former country residence of King William II – the royal hooves – as their new home. This was the start of the beer brewery. The beginning of a life full of prayer and work in peace and quiet (and beer, the good stuff)

They have a tasting room where you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner, and then you can start your brewery tour. Did you know it take 6-7 weeks to brew the beer? You can see how it is brewed on the tour!

They have tours starting at 2pm from Monday to Friday. They have tours at 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm on the weekends and public holidays. For the English tours, you can register and go on the tour on Tuesday and Thursday at noon, or Saturday at 11:30 am.

Even better might be the La Trappe cycling route, which combines cycling, epic surroundings and drinking beer all in one journey that you’ll never forget (well, unless you overdo it on the beers). Check it out right here!

Beer, great nature, epic history – all in all going for a daytrip to the Koningshoeven abby is great thing to do.

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Photo credits: www.tickettotilburg.com

Just East outside of Tilburg, this nature park is perfect for anyone who is looking to enjoy a day with the environment, go boating, or to just walk through the thick forests. It serves as the ‘Gate of the Green Forest’ or as a gate to the Het Groene Woud, a special forest area in the country. It has multiple nature reserves and tons of things to do, including a walking tour you can walk yourself and which takes you from the city to the Moerenburg area and back.

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Photo credits: www.tickettotilburg.com

Just got to Tilburg, and your plan to get around the city is by foot? No worries – Piushaven is there for you to reach by foot, right in Tilburg city. You will have a lot of places to choose from to eat, and drink and enjoy the spring weather coming. It is right next to the water, and it also a “living stage” for different events for art and culture! Check out the Ticket to Tilburg section for to find out what’s happening in the Piushaven and what to do there.

Piushaven: Het Drakenboot Festival

But that’s not all! Piushaven also plays host to the Drakenboot Festival. Teams compete with each other on boats, and it is spectacle to not just participate but also watch as they try win! It happens every year on September the 8th, so don’t miss it!

Photo Credits: www.tickettotilburg.com

4Stadsbos 013

This one is a local favourite! The municipality of Tilburg has worked together with the residents, entrepreneurs and nature enthusiasts. It is just outside the city, but is still within cycling distance. You can go there to enjoy in peace, play some sports, and enjoy the serene nature. It is as big as 7 football fields, bringing you a plethora of flora and fauna to explore and enjoy. This park is a delight for everyone!

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Wandelbos in Tilburg
Photo credits: www.tickettotilburg.com

This one really makes for amazing picturesque strolls or bike rides, and it is right in between the centre of Tilburg and Reeshof. They have many hiking trails, and places with picnic benches. Doesn’t it sound like the ideal place to take your family, friends or just about anyone to enjoy a nice picnic by the waterside, and get that quality time you need with them?

This place even has a petting zoo for the kids. Or you could even go there alone, because getting lost in nature is the perfect way to reconnect with yourself!

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6Oude Warande

Photo credits: www.tickettotilburg.com

This one is one for the photography books! The paths within this park is shaped like a star, with each one taking to different corners. All you have to do is pick one, and you seriously cannot go wrong. As soon as you reach the end of one road, start making your way to the middle, where you’ll find a nice little clearing with a cafe.

The park is also featured in our video about Tilburg, which you’ve should’ve seen anyways because of the epic drone shots of Tilburgs beautiful nature surroundings:



Photo credits: www.tickettotilburg.com

Enjoy open-air festivals? Then visit this park for their events like Back 2 the 90’s and Parkbeats. Grab a beer, or a picnic basket, your nearest mate and head over here even if they don’t have anything happening! You guys are in for a wonderful time nonetheless. Come rain, snow or sunshine, this park is ideal for a walk or a bike ride.

Speaking of festivals and such, there are tons of events happening all year round in Tilburg. Here’s our article on the events in Tilburg you can’t miss out on!

8National Park Loonse en Drunense Duien

Tilburg is one of the greenest cities but they still have sand dunes! What?! Yes, I know! It was formed nearly 10,000 years ago, covering 30 square kilometers, and is home to many kinds of plants and animals. You can visit these dunes any day, and tour through them with guides. Don’t feel like walking? Take your mountain bike, and use their GPS tours, bridle paths or bike trails and hop (ride) to it!

9Safaripark Beekse Bergen

Did you know that Tilburg is also where the largest wildlife zoo in the Benelux is? The Safaripark Beekse Bergen is a safari-themed park where you can go through it either by boat, bus or your own car. For the more adventurous people, you can even go by foot. It is open all year round! So visit the elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards and buffalos, and see how they’re liking the Dutch weather 😉

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10Natuurmuseum and the Comedy Wildlife Awards

By Maria van der Heyden

So, we know that spending a day in the park or with nature is not always possible, because let’s face it: we’re still in the Netherlands. But if you still want some nature, and wouldn’t mind a bit of humour, some general knowledge, and a whole lotta fun, go to the Natuurmuseum in Tilburg! (Or go to the other museums there, or visit the new LocHal!)

Apart from being a perfect way to spend the day indoors with your family, the museum is also home to the exhibition called the Comedy Wildlife Awards! Does your morning routine consist of scrolling through 9gag, Instagram, or Facebook looking for funny cat videos, or cute little doggos doing their doggo thing? There are so many more (hilarious) animals to laugh at!

This exhibition is an attempt at bringing attention to conservation of nature and wildlife, with a little bit of humour to brighten your day.

D’awww. look at that cutie. Photo credits: www.tickettotilburg.com

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This one deserves a special mention because the Spoorpark is one of the largest citizens’ initiatives in the Netherlands. The municipality has built and designed this park based on 80 ideas submitted to them by the citizens! They have a campsite, outdoor sports area, 35m high lookout tower, and so much more.

Image: tickettotilburg.com


As you can see, if nature is your thing then Tilburg is your town. If nature isn’t your thing but culture is, well we’ve just got that perfect article on culture in Tilburg for you. More into eating, drinking and partying? Say no more…

We’ve worked together with Ticket to Tilburg on bringing you this article, check out their site for more good stuff on Tilburg! The city of Tilburg also has a wicked insta-account, a Facebook-page and a Twitter-account to keep you up to date!

Have I convinced you to go to Tilburg yet? 😉 Let us know in the comments or tag @dutchreview on Instagram when you do go and take those amazing pictures!


  1. Loonse and drunese duinen and beekse bergen are outside the borders of The municipal Tilburg. Neverthless Leikeven is for 50% Tilburg.


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